You Can Now: Grow Up

One of our very first Company Members was the great advertising agency BBH. Guests at past Member events may well have been offered a heady glass of Black Sheep wine, courtesy of co-founder John Hegarty. Regular readers should recall similarly potent thinking from former Chairman Jim Carroll. Jim left the agency in May after 25 years of happy service and, for this agedly themed issue, has looked back. Examining the way in which our memories are ‘made’, Jim writes that we are “unreliable narrators of our own lives”, and that our recollections adjust and evolve as they are retold over time.

Our newest contributor, Noel ‘Razor’ Smith, has had plenty of time to reflect on the past. Noel has spent as much time in prison as Jim has in advertising, and he’s recounted here how early audacious robbing was replaced by a later creative resolve — first rooted in reading and then expressed in writing. Noel visited us earlier this year to present his favourite books to Members in the Library — an experience every bit as memorable the next day as John’s wine.

And inbetween the thinking of Noel and Jim you’ll find a broad tour of how the passage of time has affected the behaviour of some thriving organisations; from Greenpeace as it campaigns around the world, to Soho House as it turns 20. Take your time with it — and enjoy!

— NICK DEFTY, Editor

Issue Highlights



With an agedly geared theme, we take an eclectic tour of how time has affected various creative endeavours — large and small.



We first hear from Noel ‘Razor’ Smith, about how salvation from a life of crime lay in a library of reading.



We break bread with the founders of the growing restaurant group and get a feel for why detail tastes so good.



Emma Tucker tours the historical campaigning approach of the environmental legends, and hears of how it’s evolved over time.



We visit Nick Jones as he opens his most easterly outpost in Instanbul and learn more about what’s in store as the group turns 20.



JWT’s Lucy Greene tells us all we need to know about communicating with Generation Z.



Photographer Carol Sachs visits a country at the point of change, and returns with a stunning bounty of images.



Our Change Your Mind section again brimming with smart thinking, from Jim Carroll, Dave Lane, James Brown and others too.



We meet a trio of leading creative practitioners — Wilfrid Wood, Atlas and Rachel Thomas — to dig deeper into their latest output and craft