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A more connected approach to learning

Our Courses take a blended approach to learning and development, combining online resources with physical materials and in-person sessions; led by the most fitting minds from among our network. Delivered in curated cohorts, courses encourage participants to share learnings with one another, immediately apply them to work and build their networks in the process.

Current Courses
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    Meaningful Mentoring

    Explore the techniques and traits that are central to establishing and sustaining a successful mentoring relationship

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    Owning Feedback

    We should all be enhancing our abilities to pull the feedback we need from all sources, to thrive at work.

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    We all need to 'move people' daily in order to get things done. Here we'll tour the latest thinking on the topic.

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    Designing for Experience

    Discover varied and practical applications of UX design, and develop customer experience techniques to apply to your own work.

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    Writing for Today — Commencing 30/03/17

    One of the most valuable skills to possess at work today is the ability to successfully bring your ideas to life in words.