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The brightest yellow door in North London (pictured on page five of this issue) belongs to the designer Michael Wolff. Behind it lies a welcoming world of ideas and stories — too good to forget, but too plentiful to entirely remember. Well-timed visitors will find them served with a cup of tea and some Oreo cookies.

Michael invited Sarah Snaith into his home studio for this issue, sharing lessons learned in over 50 years spent helping organisations to communicate in style. Heading then to Regent’s Park with photographer Nick Ballon, fine weather enabled a playful shoot among some of their favourite colours and corners.

Michael epitomises a collaborative spirit that we’ve set out to invite into these pages. From Dutch eyewear designers to Bolivian model makers; our latest contributors all share an appetite for working in open and inclusive ways. They are poised to join the dots between existing creative endeavours and new ideas, people and opportunities.

Illustrated by the brilliant Pete Gamlen, our Change Your Mind section presents some smart and united thinking, to inform whatever it is you’re working on next. BBH Chairman Jim Carroll reinforces the role that charm will play in getting it done, while Pentagram’s Naresh Ramchandani makes a case for making the world a little better in the process. We can’t offer you tea and biscuits but, as you turn beyond the bright yellow door, hope that you’ll find some ideas and observations worth spending time with.

— NICK DEFTY, Editor

Issue Highlights



Dave Trott kicks off our opening section with some wise words on a smart social enterprise.


4 X 2

A quartet of productive pairings describe their paths, practices and respective personalities.


Collaboration at Work

A series of case studies examine the make up and methods of modern collaborative enterprises.


So Bad it's Good

Advertising maestro Dave Dye shares an edit of ads, each presenting a negative slant on what's new.


Andean Architecture

Photographer Nick Ballon reveals an extraordinary Bolivian tradition rooted in extraordinary architecture.


Change Your Mind

Essays in our Change Your Mind stimulate on subjects from online romance to the importance of persuasion.


A Wolff in the Park

Our feature interview comes courtesy of design lover Michael Wolff, who kindly welcomed us into his London home.



A rapidly ascending quartet of talents are lavishly billed, each industriously applying their illustrative craft.

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