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We’re delighted to announce a new partnership with Zx Ventures — a group backed by AB InBev to examine future eCommerce opportunities.


Demographics: Over-55s

In partnership with Shoreditch House, we'll continue to delve into demographics at our next event, airing insights into older generations.

More of what's new
  • Bold bottles for Elderbrook cordials

    Three illustrators have created a series of bright designs to reflect the bold flavours of cordial brand, Elderbook.

    Posted on Aug 23rd 2016
  • Cruises, cocktails and commodores

    Member and illustrator Lauren Crow has created seven hand-drawn portraits for the Cunard's new cocktail menu that celebrates it's commodores.

    Posted on Aug 23rd 2016
  • Beautifully designed B2B communications

    Members Human After All and Girl Effect teamed up to make an impact amongst the charity's B2B audiences by designing a range of digital assets.

    Posted on Aug 16th 2016
  • A monochrome design for Mast Brothers

    Member Agency Atlas has created a series of five wrapper designs for artisanal chocolate-maker Mast Brothers, inspired by sleep.

    Posted on Aug 15th 2016
  • A private space for Members

    The ground floor space in the YCN building is now available for Members to use — ideal for meetings, workshops or quiet reading.

    Posted on Aug 12th 2016
  • A new identity for Voltalab Sound Studios

    Member agency Fieldwork combined elements of both the old and the new to create an authentic brand identity for bespoke recording studio Voltalab.

    Posted on Aug 2nd 2016
  • Effection muses on cycling and memory

    Member Agency Effection has created a series of limited edition posters to help raise funds for The Alzheimer's Society.

    Posted on Jul 28th 2016
  • Inviting Illustrations from Alice Bowsher

    Jones & Bone commissioned fellow Member Alice to create a series of spot illustrations for a playful promotional newspaper.

    Posted on Jul 26th 2016
  • A bilingual identity from Charlie Smith Design

    Member Agency Charlie Smith Design has created an identity for a new art exhibition from the British Council.

    Posted on Jul 26th 2016
  • A limited edition design for Mr. Black

    Member Agency Co Partnership has worked with premium drinks brand Mr. Black to design packaging for its limited edition coffee liqueur.

    Posted on Jul 19th 2016
  • Kate Peters in Myanmar

    Member Kate Peters collaborated with Oxfam to photograph women across Myanmar, to explore what the country's political changes mean for them.

    Posted on Jul 19th 2016
  • Live illustrations from Sharm Murugiah

    Member Sharm Murugiah created illustrations of movie-goers at a recent screening event from Mubi and Little White Lies.

    Posted on Jul 19th 2016
  • Tours and detours at the Wellcome Collection

    Member Agency Charlie Smith Design has created a new campaign for the gallery that encourages tourists to take 'a path less travelled.'

    Posted on Jul 12th 2016
  • Read Issue Six of Riposte

    New to our Lending Library, the sixth issue of the smart magazine continues to combine hard-hitting issues and thought-provoking interviews with high-impact imagery.

    Posted on Jul 12th 2016
  • So You Want to Publish A Magazine?

    New to our Lending Library, Grafik's Angharad Lewis provides step-by-step insights on how to create a high-quality print magazine.

    Posted on Jul 12th 2016
  • Helmer bags a brand new image

    Member Agency Jones & Bone has given accessories brand Helmer a luxurious new look, as well as redesigning its website to offer a better e-commerce experience.

    Posted on Jul 11th 2016