Bring the News to Life: A global creative challenge BBC World Service


Between October and November, YCN and BBC World Service invited international creatives based outside the UK, aged between 18-34, to develop an advert or advertising campaign that encourages young audiences to engage with the BBC World Service.

A judging panel of experts met to dicuss the entries and selected the best idea from all the entries, based on how well the idea answered the brief.

We had a brilliant response to the Global Creative Challanege, and were overwhelmed with the amount of outstanding, creative entries we received, from all corners of the globe. 

Congratulations to the following teams, who were selected by the judges as the winning entries.

First Place:
Catherine Andrews, Tal Halili & Thandeka Kunene
Johannesburg, South Africa

This entry was chosen to win due to its particularly pertinent insight into the youth of South Africa (and possibly the youth of the developed world). It also ties in very well to their creative concept around promoting the BBC to this particular audience.

Runner-Up (1):
Eloy Krioka
Buenos Aires, Argentina

This entry was chosen due to its creativity in communicating a “BBC World” and representing the many facets of the BBC in terms of its global coverage. This idea is easily transferable to communicating the breadth and depth of the BBC.

Runner-Up (2):
Daniel Prikhodko, Yana Etkina & Nikita Novoselov
Moscow, Russia

This entry was chosen for its innovative use of artwork and video to represent the multiple platforms in which the BBC’s content is available.

Check out the winning entries below!


  • First Place

    Catherine Andrews, Tal Halili, Thandeka Kunene

    BBC World Service Global Creative Challenge — Winning Entry from YCN on Vimeo.





  • Runner-Up

    Eloy Krioka
    Buenos Aires, Argentina


  • Runner-Up

    Daniel Prikhodko, Yana Etkina & Nikita Novoselov
    Moscow, Russia

    BBC World Service Global Creative Challenge — Runner Up from YCN on Vimeo.

  • The Creative Challenge

    We are inviting anyone based outside the UK, aged between 18-34, to develop an advert or advertising campaign that encourages young audiences to engage with the BBC World Service.
    Your piece of advertising, or advertising campaign, can be in any format, including posters/billboards, magazine adverts, animation, film, radio, online, mobile web. You may also want to demonstrate how your idea could work in a variety of formats, but this is not essential.
    Who are the target audience?
    Your idea for the advert, or advertising campaign, should capture the attention of young people (aged 18-34), who live in your country.
    Ideas Should:
    • Feel relevant to young people in your country
    • Be creative and original
    • Incorporate the strapline “Live The Story”
    • It must also incorporate the BBC World Service logo (please refer to project pack).
    • Keep in mind the “Live The Story” brand proposition - Live the Story is the BBC World Service proposition and end-line. Journalists at the BBC don’t just report the facts, they bring stories to life in the most vivid, engaging way that they can without ever losing their commitment to impartiality and accuracy.
    What Can You Make?
    You may consider using any (or all) of the following mediums for your advert
    • Graphic Design for print
    • Graphic Design for digital media
    • Photography (digital or film)
    • Illustration
    • Animation (or a storyboard to show an idea or an animation)
    • Short film (or a storyboard to show an idea for a short film)
    • Piece of interactive content (e.g mobile app / website)
    • Game idea
    • Script for a radio advert
  • Background

    The BBC World Service has been broadcasting high-quality, impartial international news around the world for over 80 years.
    Today they deliver news in 27 languages, via TV, radio, online and mobile to over 180 million people around the world.
    As the global youth population rises, the BBC is focused on understanding the changes we need to make in order to continue to provide younger audiences with unbiased and independent news and information so they can make their own, well informed, opinions about the changes taking place in the world around them.
    Therefore BBC World Service have joined forces with YCN to launch Bring the News to Life, to identify emerging creative talent and discover how they would bring the BBC World Service brand to life in a creative way which is relevant to them
  • The Prize

    A judging panel of experts will select the best idea from all the entries.
    The winner of the joint award will receive £3,000, and two runners-up will each receive £1,000.
    Ideas may even be turned into a real advertising campaign, if proven to be suitable.
    The winning entry will be announced by BBC World Service online at this page,, during January 2014.
  • Terms and Conditions

    Bringing the News to Life: Creative Challenge from BBC & YCN

    This initiative was created in order to increase younger audience’ emotional engagement with the BBC World Service brand. We want aspiring young creatives to share their ideas around bringing the World Service to life.

    Terms and Conditions

    1. Bringing the News to Life: Creative Challenge from BBC & YCN (the “award”)  will be organised and administered jointly by the BBC and the YCN (the “Organisers”).
    2. To the extent that it applies, the BBC’s Code of Conduct for Competitions and Votes covers this Award. . You can read more about it here: BBC Competitions Policy.
    3. The joint award is open to 18-34 years olds globally, excluding the UK (the “Entrants”). Proof of age, residency, and eligibility may be requested. Failure to provide suitable evidence may result in disqualification. YCN and the BBC cannot break any local law, international sanctions, understandings or equivalent in undertaking this initiative, which may include but is not limited to fulfilment of the Prize - this may result in an entrant being deemed ineligible.
    4. To enter the Award, entrants must complete a YCN membership form, which can be found on the following website: and submit their entry via the digital upload facility to the YCN.
    5. Any information or content submitted in the membership form will only be published by YCN.
    6. Completed submissions (“Entries”) must only be submitted online via the following website only
    7. The competition opens at 00:00 BST on Monday 21st October 2013. Entries received before this date will not be considered.
    8. Closing time for Entries is 23:59 GMT on Monday 02 December 2013. Entries received after this time will not be considered.
    9. No feedback on any Entry will be provided unless the entry and its content are to be used in any way by YCN and/or the BBC.
    10. Each entrant can submit more than one entry, however an entrant may only be selected as a winner or runner-up once
    11. Please be aware that you are signing up to become a member of YCN when you Enter. YCN will collect your personal data and handle / manage that in accordance with the YCN Privacy Policy found at and to the standard required by all applicable UK laws.
    12. All Entries must be the original work of the Entrants and must not infringe the rights of any other party. The Organisers accept no liability if Entrants ignore these rules and Entrants agree to fully indemnify the Organisers against any claims by any third party arising from any breach of these rules.
    13. Entries must not contain defamatory, offensive or any other unsuitable material. Entries must be suitable to be made available by the Organisers to audiences of all ages.
    14. Entrants retain all rights in their Entries. Entrants grant the YCN a non-exclusive licence to use their Entry as part of the Bring the News to Life project and related projects.
    15. Winners and Runners-up will be contacted by YCN to fulfil the Prize and to ask permission for the BBC to contact them regarding their entries.
    16. Entries will be judged on the following criteria:
    • Does the entry bring the World Service brand to Life?
    1. Will it move the World Service away from negative brand perception i.e. not be seen as distant, overly-formal or old-fashioned?
    2. Will this entry resonate with the target audience (18-34 y olds)?
    3. Will it motivate them to engage with the World Service?
    • Is the content relevant to the World Service in terms of being appropriately related to the business the World Service is in i.e. referring to Broadcasting platforms, news stories, programmes or talent?
    • Is the idea of the entry easily transferrable across different media platforms?
    1. Entries will be judged through the following process: 

    Stage One

    YCN will assess all entries using the above criteria. A shortlist of entries will be produced and entries anonymised for judging.

    Stage Two

    A panel of judges (consisting of four representatives from the BBC and one representative from YCN) will review the shortlisted anonymised entries and select one winner and two runners up, based on the criteria above.

    1. The prize will consist a prize of £3000 (three thousand pounds Sterling) for the winner and two runner up prizes of £1000 (one thousand pounds Sterling) each.
    2. The prize is as stated and cannot be deferred or transferred. The Prize requires entrants to have a bank account which will accept international wire transfers, failure to have the ability to receive the prize may result in disqualification.
    3. The Organisers’ decision is final on all matters relating to the competition and no correspondence will be entered into. 
    4. The Organisers reserve the right to disqualify any Entry which breaches any of these Terms and Conditions or to withhold or withdraw a prize if in its opinion Entries do not reach the required standard.
    5. The Organisers reserve the right to amend these Terms and Conditions or cancel this competition at any stage, if deemed necessary in its opinion, and if circumstances arise outside its control.   In this event, a notice will be posted on the and the BBC website.
    6. The Organisers, their sub-contractors, subsidiaries and/or agencies cannot accept any responsibility whatsoever for any technical failure or malfunction or any other problem with any server, Internet access, system, the post or otherwise which may result in any Entry being lost or not properly registered or recorded. Proof of sending is not proof of receipt.
    7. These Terms and Conditions are governed by the laws of England and Wales.