The Learning Issue

We want to help our Members to learn and do new things together. And since our last issue we’ve been keeping this purposefully in mind — designing spaces for startups to connect with bigger businesses, launching a fruitful mentoring programme and building a platform for learning online.

So a fitting recent addition to the shelves of our Members’ Library was Sebastian Junger’s Tribe: On Homecoming and Belonging. Drawing on his studies of veterans returning from war, Junger tours the significance of community and examines the human instinct to belong to groups defined by a clear purpose and understanding.

Purpose, of course, has been much-discussed in creative business. But offering a timely twist on the topic are B Corporations — a global band of businesses getting behind the idea that properly directed capitalism can be a force for collective good. One of the movement’s earliest believers, James Rutter, writes for this issue about its speedy growth and, with populism on the rise, urges creative businesses to paint a more positive and compelling picture of the future. An idea we’ll gladly sign up to.

And in interviewing Rapha founder Simon Mottram, we’ve found out first hand the vitality of purpose in building a tribe around a brand, and how “community, content and commerce” must be inseparable as its ranks swell. Simon recently visited the YCN Library, adding five of his favourite books to its shelves, and explaining to a group of our own Members why “Membership is the ultimate relationship.” The Rapha story is a terrific tale of togetherness, and you can read Simon’s latest learnings in our opening section.

Unsurprisingly, one of the best things about publishing the magazine is having the chance to initiate collaboration among our community. A personal highlight of this issue sees a shirtmaker founded in 1885 connecting with a rising illustrative star — Joe Cruz putting his inimitable visual spin on some famous Turnbull & Asser customers.

They’re poles apart historically but at home together here.

— NICK DEFTY, Editor

Issue Highlights



We explore how learning intersects with work and play today; with lessons shared from various cultures and contexts.


Count to Ten

Educator Kate Robinson shares a vision for how innovation can shape the way we teach around the world.


Simon Says

We sit down with Rapha Founder Simon Mottram to hear how the right combination of commerce, community and content has helped him move his business through the gears.


Turnbull & Asser

We mine some of the sartorial stories from the Jermyn Street shirtmaker’s rich history, while Joe Cruz brings to life some of company’s most notable customers.


Elastic Generation

Older Britons are stretching stereotypes of what it means to age. We publish an edit of insights from JWT Intelligence’s report on a powerful but oft-ignored demographic.



Photographer Carol Sachs takes us on a tour of the country, across the Atacama desert and to the imposing summits of the Nevado Tres Cruces massif.


Change Your Mind

A latest series of illuminating essays, from bright minds at WeTransfer, Greenpeace and elsewhere too, sharply illustrated by the brilliant Leillo.



Alastair Philip Wiper takes his camera to the floor of another fascinating factory, capturing the intriguing production process of Playmobil’s iconic toys.


Read on

We’ve put together a list of relevant reading, building on the ideas in the issue — from the visual history of American fraternities, to the idiosyncrasies of social media.