Raising the Bar for Creativity
A nomination led programme, new for 2015

The Judging Process

All submissions initially underwent two online rounds of consideration by our international jury, before a shortlist of submissions progressed to jury days hosted by Soho House in London and New York in May. Some photos from these days are presented below. Our photographer in New York was Ryan Dorsett, and in London Joseph Fox.

Within the online stages each jury member considered groups of work specific to their category of professional interest. An individual scoring system was applied, with aggregated scores determining whether work proceeded from the first to the second round; and then to the jury days. Jury members were asked to assess the overall portfolio submitted based on its originality, craft and 'I wish I'd done that-ness'. Within the online rounds they were asked to nominate work that they would like to see more of, the kinds of portfolios that they can imagine themselves hiring, or commissioning the person (or team) behind. At the jury days, judges looked at work across all disciplines; privately nominating those portfolios that personally jumped out at them across the board. These verdicts fed back into the second online scoring round, with the most popular entries identified as overall winners.