Introducing our annual Student Awards
Centred on a collection of live creative briefs


Create an animated film or concept which will drive awareness of Experian’s CreditExpert product amongst young adults as they embark on their credit journey to achieve the things they want in life


This brief focuses on one of the core areas of our consumer services business, CreditExpert. CreditExpert is the UK’s most trusted credit monitoring service. Our aim is to help individuals achieve the things they want in life from buying a house or a car to getting hold of the latest smartphone. We’ve already helped over 5 million people understand their credit status and get the tools they need to improve their credit score. Your credit score is what lenders look at to decide whether they want to offer you credit and what deal they want to offer you. CreditExpert helps people to improve their situation through expert advice and guidance so that they can enjoy the best financial deals available to them.

CreditExpert is a product of Experian. Experian is the leading global information services company, providing data and analytical tools to clients around the world. The Group helps businesses to manage credit risk, prevent fraud, target marketing offers and automate decision making. Experian also helps individuals to check their credit report and credit score, and protect against identity theft.

Experian employs over 17,000 people in 44 countries, delivering a revenue of US$4.5 billion for the year ending 31 March 2012.

The Creative Challenge

We want to educate young adults about the need to understand their credit score and plan their financial future to achieve the things they want in life.  The creative challenge is to find a compelling way to make young adults understand the real importance of managing their credit status and taking control of their financial future.

Typically young adults are not concerned about their credit score until it is too late, such as when they have been turned down for a credit card, phone contract or loan.  We want to get CreditExpert on their radar and encourage them to be pro-active in finding out their score and managing it to generate an improvement, rather than reacting when things go wrong.

Experian is a brand that people trust. We want to talk to consumers confidently, engage with them innovatively and make them feel empowered. All concepts must adhere to our brand proposition - to empower people with the best information so they can live smarter.

How you demonstrate your concept is entirely up to you. You can express it visually through storyboards or a fully worked up animated film. The winning concept will be broadcast through our social media channels including Facebook and YouTube.

Target Audience

The task is to engage with a younger audience, specifically young adults aged from 18-24. This will therefore include students, graduates and those new to work.

The chances are they will not have heard of Experian or CreditExpert and it is unlikely that they will have ever thought about checking their credit score. In the next few years however they will be probably be thinking about renting a flat, getting a new phone or buying a car which will prompt an interest in being aware of their credit score.

Ideas Should

  • Show consideration for the wider media mix. Although the film will run on social media platforms, it needs to demonstrate that it would be adaptable to other media.
  • Be creative and original.
  • Have a personality appealing to young adults whilst considering the brand (trust, credibility).
  • Portray the key messages (included below).
  • Educate and leverage the emotional lifestyle aspirations that young adults will want to achieve over the coming years without being pretentious.

Ideas Should Not

  • Be corporate
  • Be scaremongering
  • Be too farfetched or over the top


  • Films must be no longer than 2 minutes
  • Storyboard entries must include no more than 30 boards
  • CreditExpert website must be featured
  • Free 30 day trial must be referenced
  • Clear consideration of brand principles must be shown
  • Experian logo must feature prominently

A Bit More Food For Thought

Below are key messages that we are currently using. You may find these useful to use as a guide and feel free to include these, or variations of, in your final piece:

  • Improving your credit score can help you achieve the things you want in life
  • We’ve already helped over 5 million people understand their credit status,  giving them the confidence to find the best financial solutions
  • Start your free 30 day trial at

Key challenges:

  • Educating without scaring
  • Apathy of this age group
  • Low awareness

The delivered piece of work can either be submitted as storyboards portraying the animation or as an actual animated film. Judges will not mark one style more favourably than the other.

Lauren Darby from Experian and Matt Davis from Experian's creative agency, The Red Brick Road have kindly shared information about the brand's use of animation, to set the scene and help shape your thinking.

You can see Experian's previous animation here.

Deliverables, Artwork and Additional Information

For guidance on how to submit your work, please adhere to the main deliverables information which can be found here.

Any additional supporting information referenced in the brief can be found in the supporting project pack.