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a2 Milk

Create an animation educating target consumers about a2 Milk, inspiring them to try it.


1 in 5 Brits say they don’t get on with milk. Many think they are lactose intolerant – but less then 5% actually are.  The issue may well be the protein in the milk, not the sugar (lactose). 

a2 Milk™ is real, natural fresh cows milk for people who don’t get on with milk, because it has no A1 protein that many people struggle to digest. By selecting the right cows we just farm A2 cows that produce only the A2 protein. We are trying to create awareness that a2 Milk™ could help millions back to milk – glass for glass the most nutritious drink around.


The Creative Challenge 

We want to inform people about how a2 Milk™ works better in our bodies, inspire them to find out more and ultimately to try the product.


Creative Requirements

A short piece of film or animation that we can air online, and which delivers against our Creative Challenge. Think about how you can most effectively tell the story of a2 Milk in ways that will capture the imagination of our target audience. It should be a maximum of 90 seconds in duration. 


Target Audience
Women and mums particularly of young children who would like to drink cows’ milk because of health, nutrition, taste but feel they or their kids cannot because of real or perceived intolerance e.g. sickness, diarrhoea, stomach cramps, constipation, respiratory issues, mucus build up, skin conditions like eczema and spots.

They is aware of the food choices she makes in relation to her health.  That is not to say she is an ardent healthy eater, just she believes she is aware of what she is consuming. 

Prime prospects
• People who don’t get on with milk
• Consumers with an undiagnosed cows’ milk intolerance/sensitivity
• Parents of children with digestive milk intolerances and skin issues
 (Nb – a2 Milk™ is not suitable for people who are medically diagnosed with lactose intolerance  or children who have cows milk protein allergy.) This line will be needed as a disclaimer on any film.

What do they think now? 

They have mixed feelings about milk – they know its good for them or their child but they just don’t feel good on it. They try other things like soy, almond, goats milk but nothing quite works in a cup of tea, latte or on cereal. 
They know cows’ milk is good for you and they want to love it.  They feel like they are missing out on an essential part of their diets and it is something people feel like they have a right to enjoy, alternatives can make them feel anti-social: odd, over fussy, “special”.  

What should they think: I miss having milk /my child is missing out on milk, maybe this could work for me.

What should they do: Be informed and inspired to try a2 Milk™ 

How should they feel:  How did I not know about this before! I thought there was something wrong with me…turns out it was the milk. Amazed that such a small change can make such a huge difference. 

What single point can change their view?

a2 Milk™ is the only real fresh milk for people who don’t get on with milk. It’s the only milk with the original a2 protein and none of the A1 protein. So it’s easier to digest. 

A couple of other consumer sentiments we see a lot:

- People are scared to try. For exampele cow’s milk makes them ill or gives them unwanted side-effects.  They want a cows’ milk they can drink without any of the nasty side-effects, but they know (or at least think they know) that they have no options.  

- Discovering a2 Milk™ helps consumers realise it’s the milk that’s different not them. For example people want to fit in and be part of the ebb and flow of life.  They want to be sociable at home and out and about, they want to feel they are doing their best for their families, they want to take care of their (and their family’s) health and well-being.  Being unable or limited in doing this is devastating especially in the case of their children.  Worries about not getting the right nutrients from such a staple food are overwhelming and they are well aware of the impact on bone health and teeth.  For parents with children the search for solutions is endless and the problem can often feel insurmountable.  For themselves priorities change and it is only when triggered the negative effects surface…having a coffee with friends, health issues like poor teeth etc… “Now everyone else can see I have a problem”.  



- The response needs the disclaimer on it. Health responsibility is key in this area where allergies can be a serious issue for a minority (a2 Milk™ is not suitable for people who are medically diagnosed with lactose intolerance or who have cows milk protein allergy)
- Needs to be credible.  
- Must simplify what is actually quite a complex story.
- We are pro a2, pro milk never anti A1/normal milk.

Deliverables & Additional Information

Brand icons and colours are in the appendices or at 
If you’d like to try a2 milk™ you can find your nearest store at

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