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Feel Good Drinks

Spread positivity, and put Feel Good onto the radar of young women.


Nichols plc has recently purchased the Feel Good brand.

Launched in 2001, Feel Good Drinks is a premium range of 100% natural still and sparkling drinks for adults sold in over 20,000 outlets across 15 different countries.

The brand ethos is all about Feeling Good — 100% Natural ingredients with no added nasties, giving 1 of your 5 a day with no added sugar. No added anything!

Feel Good has been marketed in the past but only had Facebook activity since summer 2014.

We want you to show us how we can spread the word about Feel Good and get more people feeling good.

The Challenge

We want you to re-engage 18-35 year old females with the Feel Good brand, and are very open minded as to how you go about doing it.­

We want you to spread Feel Goodness, driving awareness and inspiring people to engage with the brand and buy the product. 

We want to remind and reassure the target audience that Feel Good is relevant for them, that it’s simple and honest and that it delivers against their needs of wanting healthier cleaner drinks.

This is a deliberately very open brief, and you are free to demonstrate your creative thinking in any medium or combination of media you see fit.

We are open to ideas for new campaigns such as press adds, PR, Packaging, social media, sampling, on-pack promotions, in-store engagement; concepts for grabbing people on the streets or fresh thoughts for how our bottles and packs look.

We want you to think about the moments, formats and contexts in which we can most successfully engage with our target audience.

How can we spread positivity and connect with this audience in fresh and memorable ways?

Range of refreshing good, honest, great tasting drinks:

• 750ml Sparkling fruit juice
• 275ml Still & Sparkling Fruit Juice
• 400ml Still Fruit Juice Drink

Available in Tesco, Asda, Sainsburys, Spar and cafes, parks, deli’s and restaurants across the country.

Target Audience

18-35 yr old millennials. 

• United by attitude rather than age, sex, money or geography
• Healthy but not obsessive eg. they go to the gym but they will enjoy that slice of cake
• Want quality at a fair price
• Lead busy lives and use technology to save time and communicate
• Sociable, Ambitious, Adventurous
• Must talk regularly to them, they care and can help
• Marketing savvy..... keep it real!
• They are socially conscious
• Work hard – play hard ethos
• When would they drink FG? At lunch in 275ml or 400ml format and then in the evening with their meal instead of alcohol (750ml larger bottle poured into glass)

What does our consumer think?

I do not want to compromise. I want tasty healthy, natural drinks that have no added sugar that make me feel good.

I’m making a positive choice without compromise.

What do they Think/Feel/Do now?

They may have some recognition of the FG brand but no top of mind awareness and they are not aware of the brands relevance for them.

They are cynical about what is in drinks. Unsure about what has extra sugars in following sensational journalism on proposed healthy options having addition sugar added.

They balance between calorie intake (diet cokes fanatics) and looking for clean labels and healthier products.

Core Communication

100% Natural 

FG doesn’t compromise. Never any added sugar, (1 of your 5 a Day), 100% Natural Ingredients. No artificial colours, flavours, preservatives – so you can feel good every day.

Brand Positioning and Tone of Voice

Honest. Big Fruit. Fun Fruity. Upbeat. Modern. Not worthy. Not Preachy. Good Honest Fun.

Market Context

The soft drinks category is highly competitive and heavily promoted. The areas in growth are healthier ones such as water and flavored water.

There’s currently a backlash on sugar in the category and products that claim to be healthy but really have additional sugars added in. Feel Good has no sugar added except the naturally occurring sugar in the fruit.

Tesco have recently removed high sugar drinks from kids category.

Deliverables & Additional Information

Facebook: Feel Good Drinks

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