Introducing our annual Student Awards
Centred on a collection of live creative briefs


Design or illustrate limited edition bottles, in a beautiful and sophisticated style, to engage customers and raise money for Malaria No More UK.

Brand overview

In the 10 years since launch, Fever-Tree have pioneered a new premium mixer drink category both in the UK and internationally by creating a range of mixer drinks that are unrivalled in terms of quality and taste.

The idea for Fever-Tree came about after a gin & tonic tasting revealed that the majority of mixers, tonic specifically, contained artificial sweeteners and flavourings. The mixer category had long been dominated by giant brands more concerned with cutting costs than improving taste. The use of sickly sweeteners and artificial flavourings left a cloying aftertaste masking the flavours of the spirits they were intended to be paired with. 

And so in 2005, co-founders, Charles Rolls and Tim Warrillow, set out to create an all-natural tonic water and mixer range to pair with the growing number of premium spirits on the market.  From the Congo to the Ivory Coast, they’ve travelled to the ends of the earth to source the highest quality ingredients from small specialist producers. All nine of our products are carefully crafted to enhance, rather than overpower, the world’s finest spirits. 

Recently voted best selling and top trending tonic brand (Drinks International 2015), the Fever-Tree brand continues to go from strength to strength. Proudly poured in 8 of the world’s top 10 restaurants, our products are available in thousands of pubs, bars, restaurants and hotels the UK, as well as being available in Waitrose, Sainsbury’s, Tesco, M&S, Ocado, Majestic and a large portfolio of other independent stores across the country.

Brief Background 

Gin and Tonic is in vogue yet what a lot of people don’t know is that the discovery of quinine, tonic’s key ingredient, was one of the most significant discoveries in medical history. Quinine’s anti-malarial properties have saved millions of lives since the early 1600s and now, we want to help bring an end to malaria and save millions more lives from this preventable and treatable disease.  Malaria is a disease that still kills approximately 180,000 children under five each year in the Congo – the very area where we source our quinine.

Over the next 5 years, we are committed to raising money for our charity of choice, Malaria No More UK. One of the ways we intend to do this is to launch a series of limited edition 500ml bottle wraps each year, to coincide with World Malaria Day (25th April). The designs will be inspired by the countries affected by the disease and Fever-Tree will make a donation to MNMUK for each limited edition bottle sold. 

Target Audience 

Our existing and potential consumers span a broad 35 – 65 age range. They are driven by quality and are prepare to pay more for it. Many a prosperity towards G&T and will choose premium brands of spirits over own brand labels.

The Creative Challenge and Requirements

We want you to create a series of designs for our annual limited edition bottle campaign that will be eye catching on a busy retail shelf. You can approach this graphically, illustratively; or in any other visual style you see fit.

You should work to a ‘wrap’ design that adheres to the current footprint of the 500ml Tonic bottle — and that inspiringly embellishes it, but keeping the information on the label the same. 

The designs must be beautiful and sophisticated in style (not childish in any way) to achieve stand out and to connect with our premium target audience. They must also incorporate the key information on the front of the bottle to clearly communicate the brand and product name to the consumer. You can find examples of our bottles and the key information that must remain in place in the Project Pack that supports this brief.

You should select at least one of the five regions detailed in the project pack and create a set of four different designs inspired by four different countries within that region that are affected by malaria. 

Whilst each bottle should have its own look and feel, they also need to look like they are from one collection — and part of the same family.

Continents and Countries

A full list of relevant continents and countries can be found in the Project Pack at the YCN website.

Creative Considerations

We will be adding a neck tag to each bottle to communicate the partnership and so the designs should focus on visual impact, rather than the around the written communication of the partnership. You should concentrate on the graphic or illustrative layer that is going to make each bottle feel inspiring and desirable — and make sure that it does not interfere or render illegible the important brand and product information.

Specifically each design must

•   Look premium, beautiful and visually engaging.

•   Retain the clarity of the brand name (FEVER-TREE), product descriptor (INDIAN TONIC WATER), and key information (i.e. no artificial sweeteners, 500ml etc.

•  The design should go around the information on the exisiting label. All the information on the current label needs to remain exactly as it is so the product is still recognisable to the buyer.

•   Ideally be instantly recognisable of the continent or country

•  Create intrigue and interest amongst existing Fever-Tree consumers without alienating or confusing them.

•  Entice new consumers to purchase Fever-Tree for the first time.

Deliverables & Additional Information

We would like the designs to be set up on the 500ml tonic bottle, an example of which can be found in the Project Pack. 

For guidance on how to submit your work, please adhere to the main Deliverables information which can be found at the YCN website.

Any additional information and material referenced in the brief can be found in the supporting project pack.