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Create a marketing campaign that differentiates Landbay from its competitors, increases investment, and educates about peer-to-peer lending.

Background – About Landbay

A forward-thinking and fast-growing sector, financial technology, or fintech, has begun to change the way we interact with money. Companies such as PayPal, Transferwise and Kickstarter have already revolutionised the way we make purchases, transfer money, and invest in ideas — making these services seamless, more accessible and more efficient. 

Now a new generation of startups like Landbay are bringing innovative ideas into untapped areas of finance, devising new tools that help consumers do things in more efficient ways. 

As a young fintech business and the UK’s fastest growing peer-to-peer lending platform*, we’ve built sophisticated technology to match lenders directly with property investors – cutting out the ‘middleman’ to optimise investment returns and reduce the time and effort it takes to get a mortgage.

Within peer-to-peer there are an array of investment options, from small business lending through to consumer loans. Landbay differentiates itself because our investors’ funds are always secured by tangible security; mortgages over tenanted residential homes. 

And the opportunity is vast – UK buy-to-let mortgage lending is currently £30 Billion per annum. 

The peer-to-peer finance industry, whilst relatively new, is already very competitive. Our USP is the strength of our security and the comprehensive approach we take to mitigating risk, one that has dictated our business model and brand positioning. We are offering a premium investment product that targets savvy investors who are happy to forgo the higher returns on offer within the wider sector to invest in what has historically been a very low risk asset class: prime buy-to-let mortgages to experienced landlords. 

Learn more about Landbay and our two investment products at

(*source: Altfi UK Volume Index)

Creative Challenge

The challenge is to create a marketing campaign that is engaging and interesting to both a younger demographic of university leavers and first jobbers, as well as their parents' generation. 

Education is a big part of this brief; peer-to-peer lending as a form of investment is not widely known about and so awareness of the sector in general is low. 

Although Landbay is an online platform, you should consider execution of this campaign online and offline. We are as open-minded to traditional advertising approaches as we are more guerrilla marketing methods.

You are free to demonstrate your thinking in any medium or combination of media that you think will most effectively connect with the target audience.

Creative Considerations

The campaign should predominantly be a brand awareness campaign but it can also include promotional and brand partnership ideas.

The creative challenge will be to make peer-to-peer investments interesting and relevant to the two target groups and to create an emotive connection to the product/brand in a way that is relevant to them and their lives.

Target Audience

There are two audiences that this campaign needs to target. Both targets are at completely different stages in their investment lifecycles and come with their own challenges. Note that the campaign doesn’t need to be the same creative and execution for both target groups, as long as the campaign is aligned visually from a creative perspective with one ‘overarching’ idea.

1 - Young adults (University leavers, first jobbers). This group may be new to earning and managing their own money, our aim is to empower this audience with knowledge and help them adapt to creating good habits with money.

2 – Parents of young adults. Whilst this group may be knowledgeable about money and investments they may not be familiar or comfortable with the peer-to-peer model. The challenge here is to modernise their views and encourage them to consider alternative finance options outside traditional banking.


Landbay is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) but peer-to-peer lending is not covered by the Financial Service Compensation Scheme. With all peer-to-peer lending capital is at risk and this must be made clear in any creative. 

At Landbay we pride ourselves on being transparent about our business and your investments. Our mortgage loan book is published on our website, along with statistics of our performance to date. We also openly show how much money Landbay makes on each deal so there are no hidden numbers. Transparency is part of our ethos and we will always take this approach with our communications. Find our statistics here:

Creative consideration — We have just rebranded so the creative will need to follow our new brand guidelines. Take note of the Tone of Voice across the Landbay website for inspiration for copy.

The new Innovative Finance ISA allowance is set to launch in April 16. 

It is important to understand the nuances between other peer-to-peer platforms and how Landbay differentiates itself. Other platforms that are good references are Zopa, Lendinvest, Funding Circle and Ratesetter.


Landbay logo across all creative.

Landbay web address across all creative (

Risk warnings as per the below statement must be on all creative:

‘Landbay is authorised and regulated by the FCA, but Peer-to-peer lending is not covered by the FSCS.’

Deliverables & Additional Information

For guidance on how to submit your work, please adhere to the main Deliverables information which can be found at the YCN website.

Any additional information referenced in the brief can be found in the supporting Project Pack at the YCN website.