Introducing our annual Student Awards
Centred on a collection of live creative briefs

Orchard Pig

Deliver Orchard Pig as the craft cider equivalent of contemporary craft beer – we want to become the Notorious P.I.G.

What do we mean?

Based on the background, history and current position of Orchard Pig we believe it is the only ‘craft beer’ like cider in the market today (craft liquid credentials, modern positioning and tone of voice) – this needs to be amplified in an integrated campaign across Communications, Packaging, Point of Pour, Point of Sale and Innovation.

Background and Context

Hog History: Orchard Pig’s Home in West Bradley Orchards is well and truly rooted in Somerset’s cider-making history, dating back to the 1850s, and W.T. Allen’s award-winning Somerset cider. 

Orchard Pig: Started in the noughties…just outside Glastonbury when Andrew and Neil were enjoying their home-made cider and hog roast with friends….

The Creative Challenge

Your challenge is to tell, inspire and engage consumers and customers with our brand and what it stands for – Bold, Mischievous, Inclusive, Rooted in Somerset. We want this to be an integrated campaign, so we are keen to see how your ‘Pig Idea’ comes to life in more than one channel or medium.

Target Audience

Everybody and anybody that espouses the same values as Orchard Pig – Generation Z, no demographics apply.

Our Principles

• “Stay rooted” is what we say to the world.

• We appreciate simplicity…and cider.

• We like to poke fun at the world and ourselves…and each other.

• We are ALL about the cider…

Our Values

Dare to be different

It’s all about the cider

Proud of where we are from 

A catalyst for more fun 

Simple brand and simple product

For anyone and everyone

Some Context

Most cider makers have a family name on the label and/or a picture of an apple…or a tree. We have a pig. We are relatively new to the industry. This gives us license to do things differently…

White wine and red wine are not marketed as different industries, why should cider and beer be? 

Beer and cider are both ‘long alcoholic drinks’ consumed from bottles and pint glasses in the same places on the same occasions. The making process between beer and cider is very different (cider is far more like wine making), and the manufacturers control the message… cider makers and beer makers do very different things, but we don’t care about them and are focused on our consumers and customers…so more like a craft beer than a craft cider it is then.

Deliverables & Additional Information

Current Communications, products, positioning and culture
You’ll find images of our current campaigns, products, packaging and more supporting information in the accompanying Project Pack on the YCN website.

Any additional information referenced in the brief can be found in the supporting Project Pack on the YCN website.