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The Saucy Fish Co.

Create a functional and structural packaging solution for a new range of Saucy crispy, coated fish.


The Chilled Coated Fish market is worth over £122m and over 7.4m households purchased from the category last year, buying on average every couple of months. As chilled coated fish requires little preparation (pop in the oven for about 22 minutes and you’ve got a wholesome meal), shoppers consider it very convenient. Most products available in supermarkets today are fairly simple: a piece of fish coated in breadcrumbs, batter, and seeds etc – tasty but not very exciting!

As a result of this, chilled coated fish is mainly bought and eaten by people aged 45+. More is eaten through the ages as health becomes a more important consideration. This profile contrasts with the core consumer of The Saucy Fish Co., who is typically younger (under 34), pre-family and more affluent (38% are ABs).

So what we’d like to do is target younger consumers and encourage them to buy and eat more chilled coated fish sold under The Saucy Fish Co. brand.

About the Brand

Most people love a nice bit of fish, but cooking it can feel a bit daunting so are put off eating it at home. About six years ago The Saucy Fish Co. launched a range of prepared fish expertly paired with delicious sauces that took the fuss out of cooking fish. The effect? A brand that has been enjoyed by over 4 million households since it's launch, and which has encouraged a whole new market of younger shoppers to buy chilled fish. Along the way we have become the leading brand in Chilled Fish and have achieved the prestigious accolade of CoolBrands status for the past three years, putting us alongside the likes of Apple, Firefly, Five Guys, ghd and Spotify as an icon of its’ sector.

Creative Challenge

Our Saucy Chefs have cooked up a fantastic new range of crispy, crunchy, coated fish filled with our deliciously oozing sauces. Now we’re looking for the perfect structural packaging to make it pop on-shelf and give the consumer the perfect eating experience  

The packs need to really stand out on the chilled fish fixture. Be bold, but without any unnecessary packaging.

We believe that fish is always the hero. So, we definitely don’t want to hide it. Let the fish be seen in all its mouth-watering glory.

We know that some people are a little bit squeamish about touching fish. So, it would be fantastic if the packaging was clever enough to go straight into the oven. Remember that the fish must always be light and crispy. Absolutely no soggy bottoms here!

Because we’re really helpful people, we want to share our top tips and serving suggestions on the packaging to make it as easy as possible to enjoy our lovely fish at home. 

Pack design (including logo and colours) are not part of this brief – it’s all about the shelf packaging and how it enhances the consumer’s eating experience.


Target Audience

1-2 person pre-family households aged under 34 years. They will be fairly affluent (AB), but it’s their attitude to food in general and chilled fish in particular that’s a key consideration: aspiring foodies with attitude, who want to enjoy eating fish at home in a convenient format that fits in with their busy lifestyles. 



Packaging has to complement the chilled coated fish inside; support the quality positioning of the brand, protect the product whilst it’s on shelf and being transported home so ultimately enhancing the consumption occasion by ensuring the fish is as fresh as when it was caught. 

We care about fish and everything that goes into it including the packaging. All of our packaging needs to recyclable and lightweight. 

Don’t forget, that as most of our coated fish is sold in supermarkets, and they like to maximise efficiency from the shelf-space, we need to make sure that the packaging is designed so that it uses the shelf space as efficiently as possible. 

We encourage you to go into the store to see our products in-situ. The Saucy Fish Co. is currently distributed in Sainsbury's, both supermarkets and locals, Waitrose, Co-op and online from Ocado. We are also stocked overseas in Delhaize in Belgium. 

Deliverables & Additional information

Please adhere to the Deliverables outlined in the Student Awards section of the YCN website. Any supporting information referenced in the brief can be found in the accompanying Project Pack at the YCN website.