Introducing our annual Student Awards
Centred on a collection of live creative briefs


Creatively define the 2017 Walkers campaign to make it the biggest and best one yet.


Since 1948, Walkers Crisps have been perfecting our crisps which are made from 100% British potatoes. We have not only become the biggest snack brand in the UK, but also a fabric brand of Britain that stands for irresistibility, Britishness, self-deprecating humour and trust. 

Walkers wants to make products and fantastic comms that unites all of us by getting us on the same wave length, getting us buzzing, providing some light relief, and helping us overcome this social disease. 

Walkers believes in doing things that unite all of us with a smile. Making Britain smile is in our DNA and we have been doing it for years. Always in a Walkers way – never taking ourselves too seriously, down to earth and proudly populist. After all, a bag of Walkers is 2.5 minutes of simple pleasure and enjoyed by more than 10 million people everyday. 

We will always strive to be a glass half full brand, and never have anything in our products that would make people feel bad. Our ultimate brand vision is to become the biggest and best loved brand in the UK. 

About the audience

Walkers target hard working, down-to-Earth Brits. In our comms we speak mainly to Mums and young adults (16-34 year olds). Our pack formats also reflect our target audience. For example, our multipack heavy buyers tend to be Mums who buy these formats to fill their family’s lunch boxes and fill snack cupboards. However, with such a mainstream and well loved brand we end up by appealing to all demographics.     

Walkers Crisps

For years, Britain has been a nation of crisp lovers. Whether they’re eaten with a sandwich for lunch or as a snack on the go, they play a huge importance in the fabric of the nation. 

This is reflected in Walkers Crisps which is actually the second biggest food brand in the UK and also one of the most loved. The brand is worth half a billion pounds and has a penetration of around 80%.  

Walkers Crisps' heartland is in it's multipacks and single serve formats. However, recently we have been seeing a category shift in consumption habits. Sharing formats have seen a growth in the last couple of years, which makes it a priority to protect Walkers share & performance in the multipacks & single serve formats. 
Walkers strive to engage consumers throughout the year, but there is one focus period in the 2nd semester that is critical for the brand. During this period (August to beginning of November), traditionally Walkers has launched into the market a flavour campaign bringing new news on flavours supported and executed via a massive 360 campaign.

These campaigns have been a clear volume driver and source of new consumers into not only the brand, but also the crisps market. In addition to this, there is nothing that excites the consumers more in the crisps category than flavours. This annual event also drives the brand score, such as love, buzz and taste. Finally, from an internal and retailer point of view they have driven huge spikes of volume & value which need to met and overcome year on year. 

The Creative Challenge 

Every year comes with the challenge of developing a new campaign that outperforms the previous year from a concept, mechanic, engagement and sales-driving point of view. This is a difficult task taking into account the huge success of previous campaigns (such as Do Us a Flavour and the latest Bring it Back campaign). 
There is an internal, but also external (from our retailers) expectation, that Walkers brings year on year news that will excite the consumers and drive the huge spike in sales we have seen in the past. Your challenge is to help us define the next Walkers campaign, and we are interested in creative thinking in the broadest sense.

We’d love to see your thinking on the following:

-    How can we outperform our latest flavour campaign (you’ll find some background information in the supporting Project Pack at the YCN website) from a sales & engagement point of view?
-    Should we move away from a flavour campaign into something different? If so, what other big campaign ideas are there to grab the attention of customers? How can we still drive the volume of sales needed to outperform previous years?
-    What is your proposal for a campaign, and how does it come to life? 
-    What is the best way to support your campaign? How can we make it unmissable and exciting? 


We’re looking for a big, creative and engaging campaign idea for 2017!

You should explain briefly in writing your overall campaign concept and its mechanic — and then bring it to life for us visually.
As a minimum we’d like to see how you communicate your idea as a single ‘key visual’ and how it would come to life on pack (examples of current packaging can be found in the Project Pack at the YCN website). But you are welcome to push the idea further; and demonstrate how you see it working in communications and media.

 All ideas should be true to the brand and what it stands for. Do not limit yourself, think big and out of the box, to come up with a recommendation that is relevant, has amazing potential and can be brought to life in an engaging way.  

Deliverables & Additional Information 

Please adhere to the deliverables information in the Student Awards section of the YCN website. Any supporting information referenced in the brief can be found in the accompanying online Project Pack.