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The Grown Up Chocolate Company

Create a new identity for the Grown Up Chocolate Company’s new ‘free from’ range of deliciously decadent handmade bars.

The Brief

Create a new identity for the Grown Up Chocolate Company’s new ‘free from’ range of deliciously decadent handmade bars.


At The Grown Up Chocolate Company, we have made it our rather delicious mission to create indulgent and decadent handmade chocolates. The idea behind our Grown Up Bars is that they’re reminiscent of the chocolate bars we ate as children, but reimagined with an adult twist. We focus on great quality ingredients, and love the fact that our bars are unashamedly indulgent! We export our bars to over 20 countries, and our bestselling bar is our Salted Peanut Caramel Bar.

The Grown Up Chocolate Company is entering the healthy snack market for the first time, and expanding its range of deliciously decadent handmade bars to include nut free, vegan and dairy free options. This means we have a new mission: To hand-make the very best possible ‘free from’ bars, with the same high quality ingredients and delicious taste.

The Creative Challenge

We want you to design a tempting new identity for our new range. Please note, the range is currently in development, so we do not have recipes or variations finalised, but we’re keen to prepare the business for its launch next year.

As well as coming up with a name for the range, we want to see how your new identity will be executed as:

Packaging — create artwork that shows how the new identity will look on our packs (see the Project Pack for cutter guides)

A landing page for the new ‘free from’ range on our online store

Key visuals — these are icons for the range that appear on pack, in print and online. Each emphasises a different message about the product (see Project Pack for current examples). For the ‘free from’ range, we need three key visuals which communicate that the products are ‘dairy free’, ‘nut free’ and ‘vegan’.

As the recipes for these bars have not yet been finalised, we do not expect a fully formed idea, rather an example of how you would incorporate your name and identity for the range onto these different touchpoints. If you’d prefer, feel free to make up bars (EG. Naughty But Nice Nutty Nougat) for this challenge!

Creative Considerations

The bars in our new ‘free from’ range are just as indulgent and beautifully handmade as our regular bars. It’s important that we communicate this indulgence just as much as the health benefits. Part of the challenge of this brief lies in getting the balance right between promoting it as a healthy snack, while also preserving the brand’s deliciously decadent handmade image.

The Grown Up Chocolate Company has a very distinct look and feel. We’ve included our brand guidelines in the Project Pack so that you can familiarise yourself with this, but don’t feel constrained by them. Although the new ‘free from’ range needs to still feel like part of the Grown Up brand, we’re keen for you to create something new and exciting that sets it apart from our usual bars, and will stand out in the healthy snack category.

Target Audience

Our target audience includes both our existing customers and an ever-increasing number of health conscious people, many of whom will be yet to engage with the brand. Our customer profile currently is middle-aged women, and we envisage that our new range will appeal to them as well as younger women.


Please ensure you include the Grown Up Chocolate Company logo, space for a barcode and room for nutritional information on your packaging designs.

Additional Information

Instagram - @grownupchocolate

Facebook - /thegrownupchocolatecompany

Twitter - @grownupchocs