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Owning Feedback Sessions
Michelberger Hotel, Berlin. 22nd March 2023

The dopamine's on us

We're popping-up in Berlin for the day on 22nd March, connecting with our local partners and saying hello to new ones too.

In the generous Underlook space of the Michelberger Hotel — we'll be running energising, 60 minute versions of our hugely popular Owning Feedback workshop, arming all those along with purposeful, positive and performance-enhancing tools to try out and apply to the relationships that matter most.

For curious creative and learning leaders, people-people (and their people managers) — this is a chance to collaboratively experience some of our smartest skills-building, among supportive peers.

There is no cost to take part, please drop us a line to book into a breakfast or lunchtime session.


Bitesize morning and afternoon sessions

Inclusively led by a YCN coach-facilitator, we've sessions at breakfast, before and after-lunch that you're welcome to join. You'll be collaboratively discovering, trying and applying tools and techniques for more effectively giving and receiving feedback, among peers from a blend of Berlin based businesses. Drop us a line to save spaces.

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A generous space for bright ideas

Our Owning Feedback workshops will be hosted in the bright and spacious Underlook Room at the Michelberger Hotel — Warschauer Str. 39-40. With big windows and lots of room to move around — it's the perfect space for fresh perspectives, trying out some tools, and practicing purposeful approaches to unlocking performance.

Owning Feedback. Workshop Content

Always be learning

In modern working cultures, feedback is a must-have — the ultimate learning tool. It's something we must continually improve our ability to share at the moments that matter most. And as well as landing it clearly with those around us; we've got to regularly pull it in, rather than waiting for it to be pushed our way.

But often feedback is handled badly — infrequently, too formally, framed in the wrong way, not rooted in real observation and impossible to 'isolate' and act on. And so it's no surprise that this can have negative consequences; points of view get muddled, identities challenged, emotions triggered and relationships rocked.

This pacy, positive and social session is all about getting into the habit of giving and getting purposeful and performance enhancing feedback in the right way and at the right times.

The content we'll collaboratively cover has been road-tested and sharpened with lots of teams of all shapes and sizes, is hyper-practical in its focus and will transform the quality of the conversations you have at work and home.

What we'll cover:

• What gets in the way of giving and receiving feedback?
• Strengths based approaches
• The brilliant BID model (Behaviour > Impact > Dialogue)
• Ways to pull in the specific feedback you need
• Managing emotional triggers

Talky Berlin

How the session will be structured

We'll mix visually driven activities, reflection exercises and small group conversations — practicing proven approaches together in a safe and supportive space, preparing to transfer all we explore to the relationships that matter the most to us all right now. And all those along will get ongoing access to supporting digital tools to refresh, replay and share onwards in teams too.

Can't come but keen to get better with feedback?
Can't come but keen to get better with feedback?

This 15 minute eCourse, self-directed and so perfect for bus-rides, baths or other less busy moments, covers much of the core content we'll be collaboratively exploring on the day. From frameworks to land feedback clearly, to techniques for tempering the triggers within us — so easily activated when feedback comes are way clumsily. It's yours to explore, and please share onwards with anyone you feel would find it interesting and helpful.

Here's the Owning Feedback eCourse
Talk to Sophie in Berlin
Talk to Sophie in Berlin

If you'd like to share more about development priorities in your team, and learn more about our work supporting continual and self-directed learning throughout our partners' teams, fix up a time to talk to our Partnerships Director Sophie (pictured left with Poppie and Sarah.You can drop Sophie a line here.