Timely tools, for distributed teams

Management training for Capital on Tap

We worked with cohorts of managers across the fintech startup Capital on Tap, equipping them with immediately applicable approaches to the modern challenges that come with managing distributed teams. Three core bitesize, social sessions were designed to align with core company values and supported with missions and resources to apply between them.

Capon Tap1

Always buddy, just pilot!

The delivery of the programme was aligned to key company values of supporting one-another and biasing towards action. Throughout, participants identified individual and collective commitments to immediately 'pilot' new behaviours, and buddied-up with a colleague to a check-in on their completion and impact.

Transformed our view of virtual training for the better! YCN really dug into our values, incorporating them throughout the programme to make sure it reflected our language and culture. Managers were engaged and energised throughout, and took away tangible actions from every session.

Philippa Munitz, Head of People, Capital on Tap

The programme on a page

Immersive virtual workshops, with paired pledges to pilot each time

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