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Performance enhancing peer-led learning

Coaching Circles

Coaching Circles combine the power of 'action' learning around individual and collective challenges, with the practicing of in-demand coaching skills needed to lead teams today. Curated and facilitated both cross-organisationally, and directly within our partners' teams, Coaching Circles provide a unique space for reflection, problem solving and 21st century skills building.

Core, complementary benefits

How Coaching Circles drive performance

Develop key team members

Coaching Circles provide a safe and social space for leaders and high-potentials to explore individual and collective challenges, with accountability for action deeply built in.

Build a coaching culture

Participants learn and practice the skills and mindsets they need to coach their colleagues and teams back at work — one of the most in-demand capabilities today.

Coaching Circles — an overview

As a learning experience, Coaching Circles offer a unique dual development benefit to participants — breakthroughs on their own specific challenges, and the building of highly transferable coaching skills to apply in their own teams.

Proven outcomes:

• Building the long term leadership capabilities of participants through a coaching mindset.
• Generating breakthroughs for participants around individual and collective challenges.
• The creation of a safe and supportive space for practicing new skills.
• A live environment for practicing coaching skills among diverse peers.
• Establishing coaching cultures within participants' teams, through the transfer of coaching skills.
• The development of relationships that long outlive the life of the circle.

"Through working together on individual and collective challenges, Coaching Circle participants are able to shift from a problem-solving mindset to a coaching mindset. This shift has a huge impact on how they then lead, participate and influence within their own teams." Katy Kent, Coach Facilitator

How Coaching Circles work

Coaching Circles offer a development space for a curated group of 5-8 peers to coach each other around individual and collective challenges — identifying ways forward together, and holding one another to account. Guided by a professional coach-facilitator over a series of six, two hour sessions; participants assume more individual responsibility for the fulfilment of the circle over time.

Key principles:

• The group is led by a coach-facilitator who works with the group throughout.
• Learning is anchored in the real challenges of the group, or topics agreed with the coach-facilitator.
• Airtime is shared, with challenges revealed and worked through in each session.
• Accountability is created among the group for learning and action between sessions.
• Over the life of the Coaching Circle, participants build their own coaching skills and confidence to coach among their teams.

Learn more about Coaching Circles
Learn more about Coaching Circles

Our partners use Coaching Circles to reward and develop managers, leaders and high-potentials through transformative and peer-led learning experiences. Circles are curated both cross-organisationally, or delivered entirely to internal teams; and as a means to train up your team members to lead their own and drive a coaching culture. Call +44 (0)20 7033 2140 or email to learn more.