Making connections, building capabilities

Membership provides immediate access to our in-person learning programme, digital platform and connective central team.

Organisations wishing to give their teams year-round acess to our in-person learning programme, personalised digital resources and a relationship with our own central team are invited to apply for membership. Members also benefit from discounted access to all other programmes, and in broader ways too.



Membership for You

Illustrator, designer, photographer, film-maker, animator, maker, strategist, writer, developer
or anything in-between; there's a PDF here with some more context on the value you can get from membership. To begin a conversation, and find out more, please email us .


Membership for your organisation or team

Membership gives your team access to our in-person learning programme, digital platform
and a relationship with our central team based around your learning and business goals. Drop us a line to find out more, and for application details. .


Brands talking about YCN

Marketers from a variety of brands describe how membership has built their networks and team capabilities.


Agencies talking about YCN

In this short film agency founders describe the benefits of membership for their businesses and teams.

Our community

Working across all kinds of industries, our members share creative cultures where collaboration,
curiosity and an openness to learning from outside is welcomed. Here are some of them.


Joining our Learning Network

Imaginative organisations, large and small, use YCN to build capabilities throughout their teams in modern, motivating and memorable ways.

Our peer-led membership programme is a popular starting point; giving teams open and self-directed access to a weekly calendar of in-person learning, a digital learning platform and a personal relationship with our own connective central team.

Find out more about what we offer in this PDF, or by contacting Nick Defty on