Learning and doing new things, together

From a design maestro to a rising illustrative star, a global retailer to a newly formed digital studio — our members are connecting to work and learn, in creative industries around the world

We help our members to build their creative capabilities in rich, motivating and connected ways. Day-to-day that means bringing them together physically and digitally to learn around topics of common interest, and connecting them with the best possible partners for all kinds of creative projects and purposes. Our central team works daily alongside our community, listening to the challenges, ideas and opportunities among it; and programming, curating and connecting continually in response. Membership is about being open, sharing and benefitting from the skills and experiences of others.



Individually Interested?

Illustrator, designer, photographer, film-maker, animator, maker, strategist, writer, developer
or anything in-between: drop us a line if you’re interested in working on projects and learning from others. Please email us sharing some work and letting us know what you'd like to work on next, if you could work on anything next.


Membership for your organisation or team

Membership gives your team access to our in-person learning programme, digital platform
and a relationship with our central team based around your learning and business goals.


Membership for Brands

From government departments to global retailers, our members are engaged across all sectors.


Membership for Agencies

Building your team's capabilities, while building relationships with new clients and collaborators.

Our community

Working across all kinds of industries, our members share creative cultures where collaboration,
curiosity and an openness to learning from outside is welcomed. Here are some of them.