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Join our creative community to build key capabilities and connections, while helping others to do the same.

Coach and author Hilary Gallo neatly quoted George Bernard-Shaw at a recent member event"If you have an apple and I have an apple and we exchange these apples then you and I will still each have one apple. But if you have an idea and I have an idea and we exchange these ideas, then each of us will have two ideas."

This idea is at the heart of our community and the creatively-minded people, teams and organisations that see value in being part of it. The beauty of our community is its diversity, and the breadth of knowledge, skills and experience that we can access. Our newest members include writers, designers, strategists, founders, architecture and design practices, digital product studios, hospitality groups and global retailers

Why join YCN?

• To identify, refine and build capabilities and connections you need personally, as a team or organisation to thrive in the ever-changing modern world of work. 

• To meaningfully connect with peers, new clients and collaborators — people to help you learn or do anything new. The best networking happens when people come together for reasons other than networking; to share learing and help each other. (Adam Grant says it better here.)

• To develop an ongoing relationship with our own central team, based around your individual creative, learning and business goals. We can then tailor your membership experience.

• To explore new ways of working and learning; in ways that are memorable, motivating and actionable.

• To motivate, reward and engage your team by giving them access to an extraordinary context for personal and professional development — both in-person and digitally.

More on membership below along with details of how our application process works.

Beyond membership

We partner with all kinds of organisations to develop tailored partnerships around specific business challenges; drawing from the expertise among our community and willingness to share it. That could be helping adidas develop a global creative leadership programme, AB InBev to educate key stakeholders around core digital challenges through events and thought leadership, AXA to innovate new products and services through curated groups of practitioners or WeTransfer to create a better internal understanding of intellectual property. More on such partnerships here.



Membership for You

Illustrator, designer, photographer, film-maker, animator, maker, strategist, writer, developer
or anything in-between; there's a PDF here with some more context on the value you can get from joining our community. To begin a conversation, and find out more, please email us sharing some work and letting us know what you'd like to work on next, if you could work on anything.


Membership for your organisation or team

Membership gives your team access to our in-person learning programme, digital platform
and a relationship with our central team based around your learning and business goals.


Membership for brands

Build a community around the things your looking to learn and do next as a team or organisation.


Membership for agencies

Building your team's capabilities, while building relationships with new clients and collaborators.

Our community

Working across all kinds of industries, our members share creative cultures where collaboration,
curiosity and an openness to learning from outside is welcomed. Here are some of them.