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A more connected approach to learning and development

Our Courses and Classes take a blended approach, combining practitioner led in-person sessions with supporting online content and resources. Delivered to curated groups of peers from like-minded organisations; all is designed with connecting, sharing and doing in mind.

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    Building internal creative capabilities

    We're exploring how brands are building design and creative capacity in-house, and what they're learning in the process.

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    Owning Feedback

    We should all be enhancing our abilities to pull the feedback we need from all sources, to thrive at work. Learn practical ways to do so.

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    What is a brand?

    For those who talk about them daily with clients and colleagues, here's a chance to dig into the classic and modern meaning.

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    What's coming in-store

    Learn about ways that digital and physical channels are combining to create memorable shopping experiences.

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    Personalisation at Work

    Sharing smart ways that customer centric organisations are utilisng data to better enhance and tailor experiences.

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    Storytelling for the Digital Age

    Providing immediately actionable ways to embed powerful stories into all kinds of communications channels.

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    Principles of Packaging and Point of Sale

    Revisit some of the tenets of packaging design, and learn how technology is augmenting what's in hand and on shelf.

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    Briefing for Success

    Learn how to put together the kinds of creative briefs that will result in you receiving what you need.

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    Managing Creative Teams

    If you're managing or running a creative department or team, learn through the experiences of those doing the same.

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    Writing for Today

    Equip yourself with structures and strategies for better business writing, in all manner of contexts.

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    How to Have Ideas

    Try new techniques designed to help groups to work creatively and collaboratively — and towards generating ideas.

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    Smarter Strategies for Building New Business

    For agency and company founders, a focus on how to optimise approaches to winning and retaining clients.

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    Meaningful Mentoring

    Explore the techniques and traits that are central to establishing and sustaining a successful mentoring relationship

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    We all need to 'move people' daily in order to get things done. Here we'll share techniques and tools for doing so.

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    Experience Blueprinting

    Learn how to document and visualise a customer experience, to expose the pains and opportunities within it.

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    Presenting with Purpose

    Develop the skills and techniques to present in public, and to memorably land your message.