3rd November, 2020 at 9:30am
Tools for Trust
Remote learning | For our partners' teams

Discover why intentionally building more trust into your relationships will help them to thrive, and learn proven and practical ways to do so.

Trust is at the heart of all successful relationships — whether with our teams, clients or peers. And while building more trust is something we'd all agree is a purposeful pursuit, what's harder to define is how to practically go about it. That's what we explore in this session — the idea of trust, what more of it would mean in the relationships that matter the most — and the specific mindsets and behaviours we can use to create it.

We'll dig into some of the popular principles laid out in theTrusted Advisor philosophy — learning how quantifying our credibility, reliability, intimacy and self-orientation will consolidate into a score that we can then seek to consciously increase. We'll work through some specific tools for upping levels of trust, learning why well framed questions can boost our credibility, the role of expectation setting in increasing reliability, what vulnerability can mean for intimacy, how self-orientation can be like kryptonite to trust if it's not kept in check — and much more too.

You'll leave the session with some simply framed ways to build more trust into your relationships, and an action plan for activation.

What we'll cover:

• The case for trust
• The Trust Equation
• Ways to increase our credibility, reliability and intimacy
• How to lower our self-orientation
• How to begin new relationships with trust built in.
• Increasing trust in teams

How the session will be structured:

We'll combine an energising mix of instruction, discussion and reflection around our own trust 'quotients' — and working in smaller groups at key points.

Who the session is for:

Anyone curious about ways to build more trust into their relationships.

Event Details
  • Start:
    3rd November, 2020 at 9:30am
  • End:
    3rd November, 2020 at 11:00am
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