1st June, 2018 at 9:30am
Strategic Social Media Marketing
Workshop | Shoreditch House — For our members

A half-day workshop led by social communications consultant Paul Sutton, to develop a strategic approach to marketing in social channels.

Social media has become an everyday part of marketing a business: whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn, social networks have a valuable role to play in communicating with both new and existing customers. Despite this, many organisations still struggle with how to use social media strategically, and how to measure a return on their investment.

This half-day session will focus on increasing your understanding of why a strategic approach to social media marketing is so vital and what that strategy should look like, and provide practical tips on creating a meaningful blueprint that creates genuine ROI.

Leading the workshop is Paul Sutton, an independent digital marketing consultant who is respected within the industry for his ability to explain complex strategies in simple terms, and to build confidence to approach social media in a more meaningful way. 

What will we cover?
Investigating the reasons for social media marketing and defining related objectives; how to choose platforms according to objectives; tone of voice; audience targeting; content strategy, what works and what doesn’t; posting guidelines, frequency and best practice posting; content amplification through paid media; planning, scheduling and implementation; third party tools; latest social network updates and emerging trends.

How will the session be structured?
As with all YCN sessions, we’ll enjoy a hands-on combination of sharing, listening and doing. It will take the form of a workshop with interactive presentations and group discussion. You will be encouraged to ask questions throughout the session, and will have the opportunity there and then to work directly on the social media profiles that you manage. 

Who is this session for?
Anyone who manages social media for an agency or other organisation. Social media moves extremely fast, so many of the things you knew or believed even a year ago may now be out of date. You may be new to the role, or more experienced but finding social media marketing more challenging due to changes in the social networks.

If you want to learn about the latest thinking in social media marketing, or how to operate more strategically, you will find lots to take away from this session. We ask you to come prepared to share your experiences, challenges and insights with the group.

Event Details
  • Location:
    Shoreditch House Library,
    Ebor Street,
    London, E1 6AW,
    United Kingdom
  • Start:
    1st June, 2018 at 9:30am
  • End:
    1st June, 2018 at 1:00pm

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