5th March, 2019 at 9:30am
Selling your ideas
Workshop | YCN Rivington Rooms — For our members

The purpose of this practical, full-day session is to build confidence, presence and effectiveness when pitching to, or persuading others — whether colleagues, clients or family members.

As Daniel Pink wrote in his brilliant book To Sell is Human: "We're all in sales now". Everyday we're faced with situations where we need to persuade people towards our point of view, from a big client presentation to just a small section of a team meeting. Clearly, our effectiveness and value in the eyes of others will be driven by how well we can do this — and how comfortable and capable we are when called on to sell our ideas.

But there can be a tendency to avoid acknowledging this, and to shy away from recognising that being good at selling is a good thing all round. How can we turn the negative, stereotypical image of pushy salespeople into one that creates trust, and even joy, in consensuses and commercial exchange?

Over the course of this session, Catherine Allison — actress and founder of Master the Art — will set the scene to these challenges and opportunities; and lead us through practical and actionable ways to get immediately better at selling our ideas.

What we'll cover:

    ▪    Present ideas in ways that capture hearts and minds;
    ▪    Identify and develop our own ‘unique selling points’;
    ▪    Confidence and our outside versus our inside;
    ▪    Using body language, facial and vocal expressions;
    ▪    Dealing with objections;
    ▪    The value of an action plan.

How the session will be structured:

Catherine will lead us through a series of exercises, with time for reflection and discussion; so that we're collectively getting to the core of our indivdual relationships with selling ideas, and the ways we can quickly build our capability to do so.

Who the session is for:

Anyone who wants to change their relationship with selling their ideas for the better, in any situation.

Event Details
  • Location:
    58-60 Rivington Street,
    London, EC2A 3AU,
    United Kingdom View Map
  • Start:
    5th March, 2019 at 9:30am
  • End:
    5th March, 2019 at 5:00pm
  • Cost:
    For our members
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