15th May, 2019 at 9:00am
Learning to Listen
Workshop | YCN Rivington Rooms — For our members

Join an open and informative discussion on the value and virtues of listening, and the impact that purposeful listening can have among our teams.

Hilary Gallo believes that being an active, attentive and practiced listener will lead to stronger and more empathetic relationships, and to new ideas and perspectives. Hilary is the author of The Power of Soft, a guide to modern, creative and consensual approaches to negotiation and influence. Or, as he puts it, getting what you want without being a ****. He previously worked as a lawyer, negotiator and a business executive before deciding to do what he really loved: facing his fears, quitting his job and moving into the coaching profession alongside his writing.

A key component of The Power of Soft is about finding ways to stop speaking, and start listening — and in this 90 minute session he'll be introducing them for conversation, and for putting into immediate practice.

What will we cover?

• What stops us from listening

• Our “Inner Interrupters”, those internal voices that divert our attention and how to quiet them

• The key things we should be listening for

• How to ask great questions

• Why listening is a key relationship, sales and leadership skill

How willl the session be structured?

We'll combine instruction with conversation, and a chance to apply what's being learned through listening there and then. We'll each bring our own perspectives to the table too, with some light pre-work helping us to get underway around the challenges and opportunities in the group.

Who is the session for?

Anyone who senses they could get better at listening, who sees the benefit in doing so and with managerial responsiblity among a team.

Please drop us a line below if you'd like to join the group.

Event Details
  • Location:
    58-60 Rivington Street,
    London, EC2A 3AU,
    United Kingdom View Map
  • Start:
    15th May, 2019 at 9:00am
  • End:
    15th May, 2019 at 11:00am
  • Cost:
    For our members
Interesting in coming along?

Please let us know here, and feel free to tell us more about your interest in the topic. Not a member of YCN? We sometimes open things up, so do get in touch and we can let you know what’s possible.

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