7th April, 2020 at 9:00am
Wake Up. Get Grounded
Remote learning | For our partners' teams

Discover and experience the practice of grounding, and the impact it can have on your sense of mental and physical support.

When our regular routines are disrupted the stability we find in our daily practices becomes all the more important. And with many of us now working from home, we’re faced with a different set of distractions and its easy to feel scattered, caught between the tangle of tasks competing for our attention. With our screen time increasing, and digital communication on the up, coming back to our bodies is something that can help us to reset, recharge and relax. 

Our regular 30-minute morning, virtual sessions are designed to counter these real challenges, and support wellbeing. And this coming session is about the concept of Grounding.

Becoming aware of ourselves in relation to the earth — or grounding — can help us to trust that we are safe and supported in everything we do. Through using our awareness to notice how it feels to be physically supported, we are anchored in the present moment, which can give difficult or stressful thoughts of the past or future less weight, and our nervous system a chance to calm.  

In this focused 30 minute session, yoga and meditation teacher Ella Reynolds, will guide us through a gentle movement practice and meditation to explore how our connection to the earth can support our sense of safety in times of challenge. 

“All foundations rest upon the earth﹣the universal ground for all that we do. To connect with the body is to connect with the earth, to be grounded in the biological reality of existence...Without a strong, rooted foundation, little else can be accomplished.” Anodea Judith 

Event Details
  • Start:
    7th April, 2020 at 9:00am
  • End:
    7th April, 2020 at 9:30am

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