Building Confidence

Building Confidence

“It's easier to act yourself into a new way of feeling than to feel yourself into a new way of acting.” — Harry Stack Sullivan
Personal Effectiveness
Tuesday 5 July
9:30am11:00am UK time

An often elusive feeling, confidence is something we can all learn, practice and intentionally improve. In this session we'll demystify the idea of confidence and pursue practices for getting more of it.

Workshop Snapshot

When you think of someone you'd describe as being confident, what kind of qualities do you imagine? Are they articulate? Resilient? Possessing a sense of gravitas? Arrogant? An extrovert?

Confidence (and over-confidence) are concepts that we can struggle to agree on consistent definitions of. But what's often familiar is that first hand feeling of lacking confidence at moments where we'd really like to dial it up. And at work, confidence is likely something that most of us would like to have more, rather than less of.

"The road appears with the first step" — Rumi

In this practical, positive session we'll be digging deeper into the notion of confidence, working out the things that block our confidence currently — and arming ourselves with some mindsets and skill-sets to raise our own confidence quotients in the moments that matter most.

Along the way we'll deal with some myths and misconceptions in the minds of many, proving together that confidence can be learned, practised and flexed with intention; and arming ourselves with individual action plans to immediately get going with.

Recognise any of these common 'Confidence Saboteurs'?

Core content covered:

• The case for confidence at work
• Knowing our inner coach and inner critic, and dealing with limiting beliefs.
• Linking our strengths to our self-esteem
• Keeping action-oriented, and the power of 'implementation intentions'.

You'll leave with:

• Increased awareness of your own ‘confidence saboteurs’ and an action plan for tackling them.
• Knowledge of how to reframe sabotaging thoughts as purposeful next steps.
• Understanding how to use ‘If > Then’ statements to get ahead of your challenges.
• Clarity on how the language you use affects how confident you feel.

How the session will be structured:
We'll combine an energising mix of input, discussion and practicing new approaches together in smaller breakout groups.

Everyone will leave with an action plan to apply right away. And digital tools and resources will be shared with all those along to support ongoing practice, and sharing what's been explored in your teams.

Who the session's for:
Anyone curious about ways to up their confidence (from any starting position) and happy to learn and share among a supportive group of peers.

Tuesday 5 July
9:30am11:00am UK time

Good to know

Nudge, nudge. Think, think

To support the session you'll also get access to a smart digital resources, and can opt into a short course of follow on micro-learning doses.

Interesting insights on 'implicit self-esteem'

In an interesting piece in Psychology Today, we're introduced to the notion of meeting our inner narcissist.

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We can deliver this session directly into teams, virtually and in-person; and wherever they're working from. Find out more about our tailored partnerships here.

Want to get going right away?
Want to get going right away?

Our five day Building Confidence micro-learning course will arm you with some instantly applicable tools, tactics and other tested techniques for experimenting around your confidence throughout the course of a week.

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