Chair Yoga

A transformative 30 minutes to focus body and mind for the rest of the day
Monday 7 December
12:30pm1:00pm UK time

We'll physically counteract the effect work has on our bodies and minds, with energising exercises to do from the comfort of our own chairs.

Taking some time during your workday to pause, move and breathe can do wonders for our energy levels and help support a sense of clarity and focus through focusing on our bodies and releasing patterns of tension.

This 30-minute chair-based yoga session can be practiced from the comfort of your seat, and is designed for everyone to participate, whether or not you practice yoga regularly or have never taken a class.

Led by yoga and meditation teacher Ella Reynolds, the session is all about getting familiar with some movement, breathing exercises and mindfulness techniques on your lunch hour to prepare you for a calm and focussed afternoon.

Ella will lead a thirty minute practice on ZOOM, followed by some time to check in with others joining and questions.

Monday 7 December
12:30pm1:00pm UK time

The session had the perfect balance of relaxation and exercise plus some time for meditation and mindfulness so pretty perfect!

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