How to Get Unstuck — with Nick Eagleton

“An idea is nothing more or less than a new combination of old elements" — Vilfredo Pareto
Thursday 24 June
4:00pm5:30pm UK time

Spend an invigorating 90 minutes trying out some thoughts, tools and other tactics to deploy in those moments when momentum is on your mind.

It's easy to get stuck. Stuck within a process, or a project. Stuck on a page. Stuck cracking a brief. Stuck in our own thoughts. Stuck knowing what move to make next.

We've probably all experienced that stuck feeling at some point. Feeling we've exhausted all the options. Or perhaps feeling like we've too many options (AKA optional paralysis).

Wherever that stuck feeling comes from, or the context in which we're experiencing it, our goal is normally to get going again. To breakthrough, get through the gridlock and onto somewhere new.

Creative Director Nick Eagelton has thought a lot about the idea of being stuck, and experimented purposefully on ways to get moving. Former creative director of The Partners and Superunion — and more recently co-founder of Saboteur; Nick has clocked lots of hours thinking, crafting and guiding teams towards bright outcomes; with his fair share of stickiness along the way.

Over a collaborative and invigorating 90 minutes, Nick will share some ideas, tools and other timely ways to beat the blockers, shake up our thinking and bring fresh and directive energy at the moments we need it most.

Nick sharing an idea with's Ray Murphy in the YCN studio

Some of the things we'll cover:

— Big stuck Vs Little stuck
— Don't stop! Modes of mental movement
— Oblique strategies and useful dilemmas
— Mindmaps and other ways to mine yourself
— Perspective shifting
— Timeboxing, and the power of the two-minute sprint
— The power of the 5 Whys
— When to burn, when to build and when to bin

How the session will be structured:

Driven by Nick's energy, evidence and experiences, we'll put some recognisably sticky scenarios in the middle — and get hands on with a pacey and plentiful application of new approaches in relation to them.

Who the session's for:

Anyone curious to pick up and experiment with some playful and purposeful strategies for getting unstuck.

Thursday 24 June
4:00pm5:30pm UK time