Lessons from Nature, applied to Life

Lessons from Nature, applied to Life

“I work like a gardener, nature knows the most creative pace." — Joan Miro
Tuesday 5 April
4:00pm5:30pm UK time

Join an enlightening, experimental Springtime session in which we'll look to the natural world for teachings, tactics and tools to take back into our teams for application, reflection and togetherness.

What happens if we quiet our cleverness and observe, listen deeply and reconnect to nature’s wisdom? We could call this ’the logic of life’ — creating the conditions for smart design, communities and sustainable thinking.

With 3.8 billion years of R&D, nature has learned what works, what’s appropriate, and what lasts. The living world holds answers for us to create a more resilient, regenerative and collaborative world.

Constantly in flux, adapting to its surroundings, and often growing back stronger - there’s a lot nature can teach us about how to create and thrive.

Naturally inspired design is everywhere - in the Barbican and the Birds Nest; in buses and bullet trains; in the ways we collaborate and run ourselves as teams, organisations and communities. History's greatest artists, thinkers and innovators were often the ones who turned their attention from the inside to the outside world.

And naturally conscious outlooks are good for business. Leaders of progressive organisations such as IKEA, Patagonia, Pukka are waking up to turning to nature's way and building it into the patterns of working patterns, and the ways in which they bring their teams together.

Bringing the outside in.

In this curiosity inducing session, we'll focus on the question 'what would nature do?' And from there, we'll borrow from great thinkers across the worlds of biology, anthropology, design, ecology and more.

Together, we'll explore nature inspired solutions that can influence the challenges we face in our work and lives — arming ourselves with naturally practical tools and tactics to support all kinds of future change.

What we'll cover:

• The strategies nature uses to evolve in the face of adversity.
• What seasonality and cyclical processes can teach us.
• What we can learn from the innovative design of a Kingfishers beak.
• A bio-inspired brainstorming tool.
• The benefits of inviting more Vitamin N into our lives and work.

How the session will be structured:

Led by coach, facilitator and nature lover Katy Kent; we'll work through a series of insights, exercises and reflection questions — both individually and in small supportive groups.

Who the session is for:

Anyone keen to invigorate their creative process, and try our new tools for more imaginative and resilient working among a supportive group of peers.

Tuesday 5 April
4:00pm5:30pm UK time