Natural networking

“If we create networks with the sole intention of getting something, we won’t succeed. We can’t pursue the benefits of networks; the benefits ensue from investments in meaningful activities and relationships.” — Adam Grant, Give and Take
Personal Effectiveness
Wednesday 21 October
4:00pm5:15pm UK time

How can we reframe networking from a painful cliché, into a purposeful endeavour that enriches our community and wins us new work and collaborations? And what can we practically do right away to 'get better' at it?

Networking is often the last thing we want to do. It's often perceived as a daunting prospect or necessary evil in the modern, connected world of work.

But when framed and approached in the right way, networking (in so far as building new communities and forging new relationships around our goals) can become a valuable way to apply and refine our skills of creative thinking, listening, questioning and all-round communicating.

This focussed and purposeful session will be an exercise in natural networking: connecting a group of people from different organisations to explore these challenges and opportunities, and to try out practical approaches, mindsets and tools for better and more effective networking.

Expect an immersive and interactive experience, among a supportive group of peers.

What we'll cover:

• Our purpose for networking
• The habits of great networkers
• Playing to our natural strengths
• Telling our own story using the 'Root, Stem, Branch' approach
• Listening to learn
• Reciprocity and why givers win

Natural Networking
We'll share the session slides so you can revisit and replay among your teams.

How the session will be structured:

The session will balance conversation with instruction around new methods and ways of thinking. There will be lots to try out there and then, and plenty to take away and apply.

Who the session's for:

Anyone who wants to make more of networking, irrespective of their starting point.

Wednesday 21 October
4:00pm5:15pm UK time

Very easy to follow, loved the visuals, great discussion in the breakout rooms and lots of tips to put into practice!

Christina, The Guardian

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eCourse and resources

To support the session you'll also get access to a bitesize eCourse and smart resources to help you revisit and deepen your learning.

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If you'd like them, we'll share three timely emails in the weeks that follow the session to support you in applying what you've learned.

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