Visually Mapping Data, with Valentina D’Efilippo

Visually Mapping Data, with Valentina D’Efilippo

Creative Thinking
Tuesday 27 April
9:30am11:00am UK time

Under the expert eye of designer and creative director Valentina D'Efilippo, we'll discover how to visualise information so that it's more accessible and easier to understand — getting hands on from the outset.

Learn the language of data visualisation in this interactive, online workshop with Valentina D’Efilippo (one of Campaign magazine's 30 creative female leaders) — and illuminate the power of data – big and small.

Valentina's will introduce us to the process of working with data, using sketching and cognitive maps as a tool for rapid prototyping. Her extensive experience as a designer, illustrator and educator means the session will be relatable to a wide range of situations — with practical takeaways to apply to all kinds of future data and communication opportunities.

Author of The Infographic History of the World, Valentina records the timeline of human's evolution through storytelling and infographics. In this inspiring and interactive session, we'll explore how sketching can lead us you to enlightening and unexpected outcomes, validate our ideas and communicate insights to others.

How the session will be structured:
Having shared her story, and some powerful examples of data visualisations, Valentina will take us through sketching and creative encoding, helping us to visualise our own personal data driven story — and in doing so revealing collective insights from among the group.

Who the session is for:
Anyone, at any level of familiarity with the topic, keen to learn and creatively experiment. No experience or special software is required to take part.

Tuesday 27 April
9:30am11:00am UK time
Learn more about Valentina's work
Learn more about Valentina's work

From Ground Control, to Major Tom — Valentina's professional practice has seen her visually map, enliven and communicate an array of intriguing subject matter; most recently a deconstruction of one of David Bowie's most popular works.

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