First Time Leaders
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Motivating learning for modern managers

Our purposeful, social and performance-enhancing 12 week accelerator provides recently promoted people managers with practical and immediately applicable skills. Delivered remotely, through a series of live group sessions with offline assignments and supporting missions, the programme sets participants up for success among a supportive group of positive peers from similar organisations.

Six social sessions, setting up success

Our next cohort set sail on the 21st April

Programme principles

Expert led, accountable and action-oriented


Peer-led learning

Participants work and learn among a supportive cohort of peers, drawn from across growth-oriented organisations, focussed on individual and collective challenges and holding each other to account.


The action's in-between

The magic happens in between the sessions; with resources, exercises and 'mini-missions' taken away, tried and applied among teams. And in each new session we check in on what's changed.


Energising expertise

Cohorts are guided by a coach-facilitator throughout, adapting the core programme content to individual and collective needs, and welcoming in a cast of subject experts at key points — to enliven the thinking around their ideas and experiences.


The end is the beginning

Participants join our active alumni community of practice — invited alongside members of past FTL cohorts to check-in on the challenges and opportunities that come with people-management, through learning sets and ask-the-expert sessions.

“Unlike any development programme I’ve taken part in before. This felt more like a series of powerful conversations that fundamentally changed how I think about my work and my style as a manager.“

Daniel, StudioXAG

The programme on a page

Empowering managers to empower teams at...
Empowering managers to empower teams at...

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