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Enabling next-generation thinkers and doers

Since 2001 we've been connecting universities, colleges and art & design schools with industry partners for mutually valuable learning, centred on live business challenges. Enriching, real-world learning that leads to relevant new campaigns, services and experiences.

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Meaningful partnerships, with forward thinking brands

We team up with organisations — from Google to Greenpeace — connecting them to the freshest and most diverse creative thinking around the world, and focussing it on live business challenges.


Course partnerships

Through course partnerships, we support students and their tutors with collaborative and continual learning centred on in-demand skills — whether critical thinking or successful remote learning — connecting them with experts, and with each other.

Education learning partnerships

Examples of real-world-learning around live business challenges

Childline warrior
Digital content for the NSPCC

Sensitively, visually engaging and supporting people online is the focus of our ongoing learning partnership with the NSPCC and Childline.

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Audience insights for the Department for Transport

As part of their longstanding Think! campaign, the DfT engaged students and graduates nationally inviting creative thinking on discouraging drink driving.

On shelf stand out for Camden Town Brewery

Creatively driven students and graduates applied their thinking to new print and packaging concepts to grab the attention of discerning customers.

Engaging emerging talent through YCN's education programmes should be a page in every marketer's playbook.

Tea Uglow — Creative Director, Google Creative Lab
Bringing together education and industry
Bringing together education and industry

Since we began in 2001 we've designed mutually valuable ways to connect forward-thinking organisations with bright, diverse and emerging thinkers within universities, colleges and art and design schools around the world — for real-world and relevant learning.