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Creative & Critical Thinking

Making connections, seeing things differently

Thinking differently, connecting things, taking a new approach to an old challenge — there are plenty of ways we can frame what we mean about creative, innovative and critical thinking. What we need is thinking that unblocks, unlocks and unleashes all things new.

Discover below the Creative and Critical Thinking skills we can quickly build in your team through our motivating workshops, self-directed resources and micro-learning.

Building these skills in your team

Ways we can help to do that quickly

Our self-serve platform

All our core Creative Thinking topics can be discovered and explored among peers on our cross-organisational learning platform, where live virtual workshops are complemented with on-demand resources and micro-learning courses.

Live experiences

Delivered directly in-person or virtually to your teams anywhere, motivating, punchy and practical training workshops will get your teams discovering, trying and applying new tools and techniques together.

Tailored resources

Our brilliantly bitesize and brain-friendly resources, from expert-led videos and eCourses to simple checklists and doses of micro-learning, meet learners in the flow of work.

Creative & Critical Thinking topics

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How to Have Ideas

Getting hands on with a variety of tools and techniques for quick, refreshing and effective creative thinking, whether working solo or collaboratively among teams.

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Storytelling in the Digital Age

Revealing the perpetual power of stories and how to harness key principles of storytelling to engage and persuade all kinds of audiences in all kinds of spaces — from a work presentation to an email subject line.

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Defining Problems

So said Einstein: “If I had an hour to solve a problem I’d spend 55 minutes thinking about the problem and five minutes thinking about solutions." A well-defined problem will often contain a solution inside it, and so thinking more critically about problems is time well spent.

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Think like an Artist

We'll explore how shifting our perspectives into various aspects of the artist's psyche can enrich our work and lives; rediscovering our inner artist and getting hands on with mindsets and tools to flex in all kinds of situations.

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Critical Thinking

What does it really mean to think well? To be more strategic or more critical in our thinking? Ultimately, critical thinking is a set of techniques. And the good news? We can all learn them.

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Thinking Behaviourally

Discovering and decoding the potential of behavioural insights, the opportunities for 'choice architecture' — and immediately experimenting with the application of 'nudges' to our real-world relationships.

Thinking about noticing
Thinking about noticing

Your attention is a really precious resource, and one that's all too easy to waste. When we actively build our attention, treating it like a muscle we can strengthen, we're more likely to find focus and spot the signal in the noise. And that's what this Art of Noticing micro-learning course is all about. Sign up and you'll receive five short and simple experiments across the working week, and each with a curiosity inducing activity to give a go.

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