Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Building belonging in modern teams

Teams thrive in cultural contexts where psychological safety exists and differences are embraced; where strengths are recognised and actively played to; where culture add trumps culture fit.

Discover below the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion skills we can quickly build in your team — through our motivating workshops, self-directed resources and micro-learning courses.

Building these skills in your team

Ways we can help to do that quickly

Our self-serve platform

All our core Diversity, Equity & Inclusion topics can be discovered and explored among peers on our cross-organisational learning platform, where live virtual workshops are complemented with on-demand resources and micro-learning courses.

Live experiences

Delivered directly in-person or virtually to your teams anywhere, motivating, punchy and practical workshops will get your teams discovering trying and applying new tools and techniques together.

Tailored resources

Our brilliantly bitesize and brain-friendly resources, from expert-led videos and eCourses to simple checklists and doses of micro-learning, meet learners in the flow of work.

Key DE&I topics

Conscious inclusion

Awareness of implicit biases is important, as is intentionally equipping ourselves with ways to interrupt and overcome them when they occur. We shift the focus from an understanding of unconscious bias to a commitment to conscious inclusion.

Neurodiversity awareness

We all think differently, and by raising awareness of each others thinking styles we create more inclusive workplaces where strengths are played to, and innovation is enabled.

Thinking together about thinking differently
Thinking together about thinking differently

A cornerstone of our DE&I focus; we've develop the NeuroAware programme with HR specialist and subject expert Dr. Anne Cockayne. From restaurant groups like KFC to advertising agencies like AMV — we're opening conversation and closing knowledge gaps about neurodiversity throughout teams, and providing people-managers with the confidence to have neuro-inclusive conversations that ultimately benefit everyone.

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Understanding micro-moments

Microaggressions and microaffirmations come in many forms, intentional or otherwise. These small pieces of communication can make a big impact, so how do we get wise to them? And how can we call them out and call them in when we experience them at work.

Effective Allyship

Unchecked privilege, inherent bias, clumsy communication and unhelpful practices still have a hold in today's world of work. Allyship can be an antidote to them, and there's much we can all be doing behaviourally and socially to up our impact as advocates.

Perspectives on privilege

Privilege can be difficult to admit experiencing, but when we understand the nuance our own, and how to use it for good, we take purposeful steps towards positive allyship.

Micro-learning: Effective Allyship
Micro-learning: Effective Allyship

This short, self-directed series of five micro-learning doses — shared via email over the course of the working week, and each exploring and practicing the touchstones of effective allyship and advocacy at work — will help you experience, share and reflect on actionable steps towards being a better ally and advocate in your own work context.

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