Don't call them soft skills. They're superpowers!

Personal Effectiveness

Don't call them soft skills, they're super-powers! From giving and receiving feedback well to presenting with purpose, influencing others to managing time — these key skills are fundamental to our daily success and impact on others.

Discover below the Personal Effectiveness topics we can bring to your team as training workshops and self-directed resources.

Personal Effectiveness Topics for Teams

Delivered as workshops and self-directed resources

Talky Managers
Purposeful Presenting

Self-awareness must come before relational-awareness, and upping understanding of our strengths and leadership style tendencies is an excellent starting point on the journey towards authentic and situational management.

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Natural Negotiation

For modern managers, a coaching mindset is a must have. When we practice a coaching approach (among a toolkit of complementary leadership styles), we're able to purposefully bring emotional and performance enhancing support to our team members

Giving and receiving feedback well

The modern manager is continually able to provide clear and actionable feedback, both on what's working well, and where there are growth opportunities — while also pulling in the feedback they need for their own development.

Talky Managers2
Finding the Coaching in Criticism

The 1-1 offers the perfect context for applying all of the key skills demanded of modern managers. In this module we collaboratively define the right cadence for different performance conversations; from coaching check-ins and monthly 1-1s, to career oriented quarterly or bi-annual conversations.