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Personal Effectiveness

Don't call them soft skills, they're superpowers!

From giving and receiving feedback well to presenting with purpose; influencing others to managing time, these key inter-personal and communication skills are fundamental to our daily success and impact on others.

Discover below the Personal Effectiveness skills we can quickly build in your team — through our motivating workshops, self-directed resources and memorable micro-learning.

Building these skills in your team

Ways we can help to do that quickly

Our self-serve platform

All our Personal Effectiveness topics can be discovered and explored on our cross-organisational learning platform, where live virtual workshops are complemented with on-demand resources and micro-learning courses.

Live training experiences

Delivered directly in-person or virtually to your teams anywhere, motivating, punchy and practical training workshops will get your teams discovering, trying and applying new tools and techniques together.

Plugging in to your current approach

Our brain-friendly resources can be openly shared within any existing set up you're using; while workshop content is adaptable to your cultural cues — and with the option of support for your internal team to deliver it.

Personal Effectiveness topics

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Purposeful Presenting

Good presenting is really about 'being ourselves with skill', and consciously approaching any kind of presentation with practical frameworks and savvy tools to hand — bringing clarity to our message and keeping the audience in mind at all times.

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Negotiating Well

By mastering the art of the negotiation, we can positively pull others towards our point of view, and work towards valuable 'win-win,' outcomes. A mindset of mutuality is a must have, as are curious questions and a willingness to shift our perspective.

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Owning Feedback

By continually refining our relationship with the ways we give and receive feedback, we'll enjoy more purposeful and productive relationships and foster cultures of performance, learning and psychological safety.

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Constructive Conflict

While it's not something we'd actively seek out, conflict is something that can lead to positive change and purposeful outcomes when framed, and approached, in the right way.

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Managing Up

The idea of 'managing upwards' has risen recently in popularity, especially in fast-moving cultures where hierarchies can be tough to define. We'll dig into the opportunity for 360° influence, and learn the practical approaches to moving others in all directions.

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Building Confidence

Confidence (and over-confidence) are concepts that we can struggle to agree on consistent definitions of. But what's often familiar is that first hand feeling of lacking confidence at moments when we'd really like to dial it up. And, at work, confidence is likely something that most of us would like to have more, rather than less, of.

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Mastering Meetings and Groups

We waste a lot of our time and energy with badly designed and poorly facilitated meetings; missing out on ideas, inclusion and a consensus on action within our grasp. The good news is there's lots we can practically do to ensure purpose and participation are evident in any kind of gathering.

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Making Time

In the modern world of work, perhaps our most precious resource is time. But it’s so often something we don't use with intention, or protect with purpose. We’ll experiment with a range of reliable tools to up our energy, give us more control of time, and model positive time habits in our teams.

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Delegation, Done

Is there something on your to-do list that should be on someone else's? When we delegate well, we not only lighten our own load and free up focus for maximum value tasks, but we empower and enable others through opportunities to learn through doing.

Finding your feet with feedback
Finding your feet with feedback

Team-wide ability to give and receive feedback regularly, clearly and with confidence is a cornerstone of any learning culture. And enabling it throughout our partners' organisations is a daily priority. This 15 minute eCourse will give you an enlightening and practical insight into some of our core content on the topic — including the BID model, loved by teams everywhere.

See the eCourse
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How to Decide

In today's fast-moving and ambiguous world of work, it's no surprise that we often feel pressured and unfocused; hardly the best context for making good decisions. There are lots of proven approaches to explore to prevent 'analysis paralysis', and give us the confidence we need to choose well.

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The Art of Saying No

We'll discover how a purposeful, considered 'no' can be deployed to protect our precious time and enrich important relationships, as well as identifying which opportunities merit an emphatic 'yes!'

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Are you Listening?

It's rightly said that people want to be heard more than people want to be right. This workshop is for exploring and practicing proven methods for levelling up our listening skills, and deeply appreciating the benefits they'll bring to all kinds of relationships.

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Difficult Conversations

With the right mindsets and techniques to hand, conversations we all too easily put off can become positive and transformative learning experiences, with our relationships enhanced in the process.

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Natural Networking

Exploring the principles and practices that can help us to positively forge new connections and help others to do the same. Let's reframe the notion of networking from painful cliché to purposeful endeavour.

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Coaching Mindsets

A coaching mindset, with the listening and questioning approaches that accompany it, will transform and enrich the relationships that matter the most to us, whether or not we're directly managing other people.

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Meaningful Mentoring

With the right methods and mindsets in effect, mentoring relationships bring transformative and mutually valuable development to all involved. And there's much that we can do to set them up for success.

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Vocal Confidence

​We can all benefit from a stronger and more confident voice, and there are accessible and actionable methods for developing one and applying it in-person or when communicating virtually.

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Presence and Gravitas

There are simple and actionable ways to boost our sense of authority, presence and gravitas at work. And by mastering them, we can quickly boost our impact — from any starting point.

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Writing Well

In these hybrid working times, the emphasis on being clear in our written communication is greater than ever. Whether writing an all-team Slack update or advising a nervous client on the best way forward, the words we choose to use will greatly impact the change we can effect.

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A Brand called You

Examining the sometimes perplexing notion of a personal brand, and working through a proven process to identify and define one for ourselves that can be flexed for real, and high-impact, outcomes.

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Influencing IRL

If you know you deserve to be heard and want to make a difference, actively working on your influencing skills is important. Practical approaches will create immediate impact in all directions.

Personal Effectiveness in Practice: A SuperAwesome Skills School
Personal Effectiveness in Practice: A SuperAwesome Skills School

Kid-tech pioneers SuperAwesome (now part of Epic Games) are on a mission to make the internet safer for children. To support their fast growth, we developed an experiential programme of bite-size workshops and supporting micro-learning to enable more empathetic communication and collaborative problem solving among their Customer Success teams globally.

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