Self & Wellbeing

Proactively approaching our mental fitness

The disruption to our working patterns in recent years has underlined the importance of continually enhancing our understanding of self-management, and developing proactive approaches to mitigating the inevitable ambiguity and change in the modern, distributed world of work.

Discover below the Self & Wellbeing skills we can quickly build in your team — through our motivating workshops, self-directed resources and micro-learning courses.

Building these skills in your team

Ways we can help to do that quickly

Our self-serve platform

All our core Self & Wellbeing topics can be discovered and explored among peers on our cross-organisational learning platform, where live virtual workshops are complemented with on-demand resources and micro-learning courses.

Live experiences

Delivered directly in-person or virtually to your teams anywhere, motivating, punchy and practical workshops will get your teams discovering, trying and applying new tools and techniques together.

Tailored resources

Our brilliantly bitesize and brain-friendly resources, from expert-led videos and eCourses to simple checklists and doses of micro-learning, meet learners in the flow of work.

Self & Wellbeing topics

Rethinking Resilience

Together we'll reframe the notion of resilience, and discover practical ways for bouncing back from challenges, managing stress, and using our energy more effectively — proactively building our resilience reserves.

Strategies for Stress

We'll explore the realities of stress, reframe its relationship with performance and familiarise ourselves with helpful, transformative and science-backed tools for harnessing helpful stress mitigating tactics.

Mastering Mindfulness

Exploring the plentiful and practical benefits of making a mindfulness meditation practice part of our daily routine, and, in doing so, further our impact in many other areas of our work and life.

Getting in a Growth Mindset

When we appreciate the distinction between a fixed and growth mindset, and arm ourselves with tools and techniques to lean into the latter everyday, we set ourselves up for success in many aspects of our work and life.


Goals on their own aren't enough. It's the systems we put in place in the service of our goals that will determine our success. We call these micro-habits and, when we embrace them, we change our behaviours for the better.

Change Agility

We can't control the volatility, uncertainty and inevitable change within our modern working contexts. But we can arm ourselves with proactive and practical tools for getting on the front foot in mitigating it.

Micro-learning: Rethinking Resilience
Micro-learning: Rethinking Resilience

We've a popular, positive and highly-practical five day micro-learning course, firmly focused on helping you keep your resilience reserves proactively topped up. Every day, first thing, we'll share a science-backed experiment and an invitation to try it out in the next 24 hours.

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