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Typically working hard around the learning, HR and culture parts of a business; Growers community members are people passionate about enabling others, and keen to learn from positive peers with a similar perspective.

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Invites to monthly community meet ups, a forum for your live people challenges, timely insights and tools galore, unlimited access to the the full YCN learning platform, connections to other Growers, buns, books and smart swag.

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May Virtual Gathering — Becoming Stressilient, with Dr. Sam Akbar
May Virtual Gathering — Becoming Stressilient, with Dr. Sam Akbar

With her best-selling book Stressilient, Dr. Sam Akbar has distilled a decade of work as a clinical psychologist and trauma specialist into an actionable, portable guide for proactively building our tolerance to stress, and expanding our resilience reserves. In Stressilient, Sam accessibly offers science-backed strategies and everyday tools for thinking, feeling and living better— and we've invited Sam to take us through them in our next Growers virtual gathering.

18/5: 9.30—11am. Learn more and sign up
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Growers Notion

At the Growers Notion page you'll find details of all coming Growers gatherings (virtually and in-person), write-ups of what's recent, info on fellow Growers, an archive of our monthly newsletters and much more to boot. And it's at Notion where we share the challenges and questions more fertile in the community right now.

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