Getting Constructive with Conflict
Virtual Skills Workshop

23rd March, 9.30—11am, UK time

Conflict is inevitable. Friction, disagreement, opposition to our ideas, clashing opinions, mis-aligned vales.... And while it's not something we'd actively seek out, it is something that can lead to positive change and purposeful outcomes, when framed and approached in the right way. What we need to avoid is passing the 'conflict tipping point' — a relational point in time, where things go bad, situations become irreversible and there's a big knock on to individual and team performance, wellbeing and company culture. As learning leaders, as well as managing conflict in our own relationships; we're often called up on to help others to do the same.

Our Growers Skills Workshop for March, will be led by coach, business psychologist and mediator Sarah Naidoo-Banks. Sarah will expertly and collaboratively help us explore various types of conflict, see how they emerge in our relationships; and proactively arm us with proven ways to make conflict a constructive (and even creative) opportunity.

Expect a positive, practical and collaborative 90 minutes purposefully pulling in the perspectives of all those along; and with plenty of chances for peer connections too.

Sarah, Sophie and Signing up!
Sarah, Sophie and Signing up!

Growers joining will be welcomed by YCN Partnerships Director Sophie Johnson, who'll hand over to Sarah Naidoo-Banks to collaboratively facilitate the workshop action. Sarah leads development programmes for multiple YCN partners; most recently including safety enablers Culture Shift, creative retailers Dr. Martens and fintech platform Cleo — drawing on extensive experience in coaching and mediation.

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