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Join our February Growers virtual workshop

23rd February, 9.30—11am, UK time

In our first virtual Growers skills workshop of 2023, we'll be bringing purpose to our priorities, by collectively tackling the question: How can we better set ourselves and others up for success when it comes to setting (and achieving) goals?

Taking the time to specifically state our goals, and get clear on the timings and milestones around them, is an important part of getting going. But far more critical to our chances of actually achieving them is getting clear on the evidence we'll need to see to know that we're making progress, and properly prioritising. Or, as Anna sings in Frozen 2, doing 'the next right thing'.

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A simple framework we'll apply together

Getting SET on our Goals together

We've developed a really simple, stepped and collaborative framework for doing this called SET. It boils down the most helpful bits of the SMART goal setting approach (thinking about the Specifics and Timings); and sandwiches between them a really helpful focus on that all important Evidence. And it's the Evidence part that ultimately gets you to a prioritised To-Do list that's actionable, shareable and something you can start to build powerful, dopamine delivering habits around as you purposefully progress through it.

Sign up and take part
Sign up and take part

We'll be working collaboratively on a Miro board, putting our own goals at the heart of the session, experimenting with the SET framework in relation to them — and creating immediate accountability for action. We'll also give thought to how we can use the SET approach to help our team members make meaningful progress.

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