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Experiments for Stressilience, with Dr. Sam Akbar
Our virtual gathering for May

Feeling Stressilient?

With her best-selling book Stressilient, Dr. Sam Akbar has distilled a decade of work as a clinical psychologist and trauma specialist into an actionable, portable guide for proactively building our tolerance to stress, and expanding our resilience reserves. In Stressilient, Sam accessibly offers science-backed strategies and everyday tools for thinking, feeling and living better— and we've invited Sam to take us through them in our next Growers virtual gathering — on the 18th May from 9.30am - 11am.

Drawing from challenges and interests live within the group, Sam will guide us through clinically proven strategies for getting on the front foot when it comes to managing stress and building resilience — both individually and in our teams. And as in any Growers gathering, we'll use smaller breakout conversations to land the learning, and create accountability for action.

How the session will be structured:

After a warm welcome and social check-in, Sam will lead us through an interactive and experimental exploration of her key ideas towards greater Stressilience. From there we'll keep some time for sharing thoughts, ideas and questions with Sam; before briefly introducing our new video based tools for Stressilience, exclusively open to Growers to take away and test in their teams as part of our pilot experiments 🧪

What we'll cover:

— The good and the bad of stress
— Tools for psychological flexibility
— Making everyday mindfulness a reality
— Urge surging
— Me to We: Building resilience in teams
— Our own action plan for Stressilience

Sign up for the session + and follow on experiments
Sign up for the session + and follow on experiments

This session coincides with the launch of a new two-week experimental programme, developed by YCN in partnership with Sam — centring on a series of exercises, outlined through bitesize daily videos and stepped out instructions for giving them a go. We'll be inviting all those along keen to do so, to embark on the programme off the back of the session — and you can simply sign up for it all below.

18.05.23 — 9.30-11am