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The BIG Meetings Experiment
Growers virtual workshop: 25th October, 9.30—11am

What's the matter with meetings?

Can you think of a recent meeting you’ve been part of that was less than perfect? Not sure why you were there? Disappointed that some voices were more evident than others? Unclear on action points? 🤔

Meetings are a much maligned workplace necessity — promising so much active togetherness, but so often delivering the opposite. And we hear from many in our Growers community that you're often asked for 'quick fixes' when it comes to making meetings more effective for managers and teams.

To meet the opportunity to make meetings better, we've sharpened some really effective tools for bringing more purpose, participation and productivity to all kinds of gatherings — now well-tested alongside all sorts of teams.

And in our coming collaborative Growers community workshop, hosted virtually over 90 minutes in October, we're sharing the best of these tools and a chance to experience them together. From there we'll make them available for you to test them out in your own meetings — and share onwards in your teams too, evaluating their impact together.

🚀 We'd love to have you along!

Join the session + and get the supporting tools
Join the session + and get the supporting tools

By signing up for the workshop (25th October, 9.30—11am UK time) you'll also receive access to all the supporting meetings tools — with onwards sharing and experimentation invited in your wider teams.

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