Building capabilities among
curated groups of peers

Our programmes offer continual, and cross-organisational, ways of building capabilities among your team.

Our annual membership programme is the most popular starting point for new partners; giving teams access to a weekly calendar of in-person learning, a complementary digital platform and personal relationship with our own connective central team. Leading Now is our ongoing leadership development programme for high-potential colleagues throughout your business, and our longstanding New Now programme enables the mutually valuable sharing of ideas and knowledge between leading brands and agencies and the freshest creative talent around the world.

  • Main

    Membership 2018

    Annual programme

    Membership gives your team personalised access to our calendar of in-person learning, digital platform and ongoing connection with our own central team.

  • Main

    Leading Now

    Annual programme

    This is an ongoing programme for leaders and high-potentials; digitally driven and blending remote and in-person learning among a community of peers.

Other programmes

  • Secondary

    New Now


    The New Now programme connect leading brands and agencies with emerging creative talent for the exchanging of knowledge and ideas.

  • Secondary


    Nine months

    We make cross organisational connections for the one-to-one sharing of on-point knowledge and experiences.

  • Secondary

    Future Marketing Leaders

    3 months

    This programme brings together a group of rising marketing stars for a series of sessions led by industry leaders.

Joining our Learning Network

Imaginative organisations, large and small, use YCN to build capabilities throughout their teams in modern, motivating and memorable ways.

Our peer-led membership programme is a popular starting point; giving teams open and self-directed access to a weekly calendar of in-person learning, a digital learning platform and a personal relationship with our own connective central team.

Find out more about what we offer in this PDF, or by contacting Nick Defty on