Sharing knowledge, building
capabilities, staying ahead

Our programmes are designed to enable ideas, knowledge and expertise to be shared in mutually valuable ways.

Since 2001 we've been building a network of outward-looking organisations and designing ways to share knowledge and expertise among their teams. Our programmes offer an accessible way into things — whether that's a membership that opens up our events programme and digital platform for your team; or places on our ongoing leadership programme for high-potential colleagues. And our longstanding New Now programme enables the mutually valuable sharing of ideas and knowledge between leading brands and agencies and the freshest creative talent around the world.

  • Main

    Membership 2018

    Annual programme

    Membership gives your team personalised access to our calendar of in-person learning, digital platform and ongoing connection with our own central team.

  • Main

    Leading Now

    Annual programme

    This is an ongoing programme for leaders and high-potentials; digitally driven and blending remote and in-person learning among a community of peers.

Other programmes

  • Secondary

    New Now


    The New Now programme connect leading brands and agencies with emerging creative talent for the exchanging of knowledge and ideas.

  • Secondary


    Nine months

    We make cross organisational connections for the one-to-one sharing of on-point knowledge and experiences.

  • Secondary

    Future Marketing Leaders

    3 months

    This programme brings together a group of rising marketing stars for a series of sessions led by industry leaders.