A mentoring programme to match and connect people for the meaningful and mutually valuable sharing of knowledge and expertise.

Our mentoring programme carefully connects people from across our network for meaningful, memorable and mutually valuable personal professional development. 

For mentors it’s a chance to enrich key inter-personal and leadership skills while valuably supporting someone new and rising from a different business sector, and benefitting from their insights in the process. For our mentees it’s a brilliant way to get invaluable external support and pointers, and to sense-check thinking with someone to have trodden a relevant path.

Participants at kick off workshop

Mentors and mentees are supported throughout the programme with in-person sessions among peers, and with digital resources and tools too. And the YCN team is on hand throughout, understanding individual goals and outlooks from the outset, carefully matching people up and providing a framework for the relationship over time.

Over a nine-month period, mentors and mentees meet for nine 90 minute meet-ups. Two half-day workshops helping both sides to get underway and make the most of the programme, as do practical digital tools and resources


From past participants:

“Beautifully personalised by YCN, who provided a really valuable support role throughout.”

“The best 90 minutes of my month, every time. Totally refreshing perspectives.”

“Supports the way we develop managers and gets them thinking about other sectors.”

“Encouraging our leaders to mentor from outside our sector has become a fundamental principle.”

“ The relationship took on a life of it’s own and we’re still checking in; guiding and supporting each other.”

“I learned so much from Charlotte, talking over the challenges she faced helped me focus on my own.”


Joining our Learning Network

Imaginative organisations, large and small, use YCN to build capabilities throughout their teams in modern, motivating and memorable ways.

Our peer-led membership programme is a popular starting point; giving teams open and self-directed access to a weekly calendar of in-person learning, a digital learning platform and a personal relationship with our own connective central team.

Find out more about what we offer in this PDF, or by contacting Nick Defty on nd@ycn.org.