Bringing like-minds together, for a structured programme of 1-1 knowledge sharing that supports learning goals, and enables mutual professional development.

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Our popular mentoring programme draws from the expertise across our learning network, and connects like minds for a structured series of meet ups. Experiences and goals are shared, with guidance and challenges set in relation to them.

Past participants have come from throughout creatively-driven brands, charities, agencies and studios including Airbnb, Propercorn, the Guardian, Dice, Scope and forpeople.

Following a careful, considered process of matching mentor and mentee, both are set up for success with kick-off sessions, a simple suggested framework and supporting resources. Participants commit to meeting every 4-6 weeks for a series of 6 X 90 minute sessions; working within a proven structure, ensuring expectations and goals are clearly set throughout.

For mentees the programme offers a highly personalised way to get invaluable, focussed guidance and to sense-check thinking with someone to have trodden a similar path to where they're headed. For mentors it’s a chance to enrich key interpersonal and leadership skills, while valuably supporting someone, typically from a different background or sector — and benefitting from the perspectives they bring to the relationship.

Participants at a kick off session

YCN's learning and community team is on hand throughout; from ensuring the right match at the outset, to setting expectations and guiding progress along the way; checking in where relevant and able to answer any questions that arises from either side.


From past participants:

“Beautifully personalised by YCN, who provided a really valuable structuee and support role.”

“The best 90 minutes of my month, every time. A totally refreshing perspective.”

“The programme supports the way we develop managers and gets them thinking about other sectors.”

“Encouraging our leaders to mentor from outside our sector has become part of our playbook.”

“The relationship took on a life of it’s own and we’re still checking in.”

“I learned so much from Charlotte, talking over the challenges she faced as a rising female leader earlier in her career really helped me focus on my own.”


Organisations nominating mentees pay a fee of £895 + VAT, with discounts for YCN members and for multiple programme places.

We're currently matching mentors and mentees for our 2019 programme, and if you're interested in taking part please email

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Our pioneering social learning programmes bring people together, enriching their skillsets, and growing their networks in the process too. We take targetted, topic specific workshops into our partners’ places of work, and use modern and energising facilitation to take teams towards any outcome.

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