Real change comes from within. And for that you need Changemakers — empowered team members who can make change stick in your organisation.

Training programmes often fall short of their full and promised potential. Because while people leave sessions fired up for change and primed to put new things into practice; as time passes good intentions can slide, memories fade and former behaviours re-surface. And this can be compounded where external partners have been fundamental to the delivery of training but then move on once the job is, seemingly, done. Out of sight, out of mind.

YCN’s social and behaviourally-driven approaches are all designed with this perilous problem in mind, and Changemakers is a new, supporting programme to address its prevention — putting empowered people from within your team in the driving seat.

By equipping Changemakers from inside your business with the know-how, confidence and resources to purposefully facilitate and follow up short and focussed peer learning groups, the continual transfer of learning happens from within.

And they’ll also join a unique and powerful community of Changemakers from outside organisations, learning alongside each other, sharing experiences and providing a rich and supportive community of practice dedicated to driving real and lasting change within their businesses

There are many benefits to up-skilling team members as Changemakers:

— Training up team members to facilitate peer learning groups will super-size their skills in communication, coaching, listening and building rapport. These will immediately transfer to their relationships with clients, broader colleagues and other stakeholders too.

— You’ll engage and reward some of your most valued people, with a unique and enriching development opportunity. Those interested in helping deliver change are most likely your future leaders. By enlisting them as Changemakers you show them how central they are to internal business priorities, while give them access to a powerful external community of practice within which to learn, grow and build their network.

— Employees within your team will understand the cultural context of ‘how we do things round here’ better than any outside partner ever possibly could. They’ll draw from the best external expertise provided through their Changemaker training and topic specific resources, but then adapt and frame to create relevance that colleagues will recognise and buy into. 

Participants receive:

— Access to expert led Changemaker training sessions and coaching among peers; on key topics like facilitating peer learning groups, having coaching-led conversations, building rapport and more.

— Access to topic specific YCN training plans, tools and other practical resources to use within peer learning groups internally on the topics of most relevance right now; from diversity and inclusion to feedback and career conversations. Resources can be designed and branded to fit with internal programmes where required.

— A CPD accredited certificate of programme participation.


To find out more about the programme, and how to take part email Nick Defty at YCN or call +44 (0)20 7033 2140.

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