A remotely delivered six-week accelerator to immediately provide people managers with practical skills for successfully managing remote teams; among a supportive community of peers.

For many of our partners in recent years, whether large tech companies, or communications groups — remote working has become an increasingly important part of their business and company culture, and we've been supporting them in building the capability to make it work. But in recent weeks, given the rapidly evolving global situation with coronavirus; we're all now finding ourselves needing to adopt a remote approach to working for the foreseeable future. If remote work was the future we all needed to prepare for, then future is suddenly here today — bringing a unique and immediate set of challenges with it.

This programme is all about quickly developing a highly practical perspective on what it takes to manage remote teams, and gaining your own virtual community of peers; sharing perspectives and encouraging each-other to put things into practice right away.

Your programme structure over six weeks:

• 6 X 2 hour highly practical and interactive virtual group sessions, joined by expert practitioners from across our network on point to key programme content.
• 3 X 90 minute peer coaching groups, facilitated by a group coach you’ll work with throughout, so you’re supporting each other in the application of learning.
• Access to digital course resources and case studies.


What we'll cover:

Leading and facilitating remote meetings and workshops: How to prepare, define purpose, set intentions, create energy and keep everyone 'in the room'.

— Platforms and tools: We’ve bench-tested all the virtual tools out there; Mural, Miro, Parabol and others… so can share how to best use the best of what there is.

The human side: As vital as understanding processes and mastering platforms is; it’s the human side of things that really accelerates engagement and productivity among remote groups. And it’s the easiest thing to overlook. Managers must over-communicate, make themselves more accessible, think about their visibility and become much clearer in their communication. 

— Making the most of remote 1-1s. Check-ins and 1-1's become more nuanced when happening remotely. Regularity, duration and style all need to evolve. Albert Mehrabian’s observations on non-verbal communication have never been more apt, because when you don’t have enough face-to-face communication, it can become difficult to sense the intent in messages among teams.

— Ownership, accountability and resilience. We'll explore creating a culture of ownership and accountability among remote teams, how to match the task to the team member, avoiding the trap of micro-managing and building resilience among teams.


Managing remote teams can feel like a totally different challenge than managing those you physically work alongside every day. But by consciously applying proven approaches, processes and inter-personal behaviours you will dramatically enhance the cohesion, creativity and productivity of your teams — wherever they are.

To find out more about joining a cross-organisational group for this programme, or how we can remotely deliver it to cohorts of your own managers — email hello@ycn.org or call +44 (0)20 7033 2140.

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