A motivating, social and remotely delivered programme, where curated groups of people managers develop their ability to lead in these ever-changing times.

Leading Now is a timely and transformative learning programme helping people-managers explore the challenges they’re facing right now, and build the skills they need to practically tackle them. Participants work among a supportive cohort of peers, from across progressive and and creatively driven organisations.

Today's context for leaders and teams is a complex and changing one; and so the need for purposeful, conscious and adaptable approaches to leadership has never been greater. As people-managers we must communicate more clearly and continually than ever before, build mental resilience in our teams, balance the ability to coach with the ability to mentor, empower others newly remote to us — and all while managing our own workload too.

By combining expert input with the power of peer learning, the programme purposefully and practically guides people-managers through these challenges — helping them develop the most important mindsets and skillsets to personally thrive and to bring out the best in others.

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Programme aims:

— Create a relevant, supportive and transformative space for exploring and resolving the individual and collective challenges that come with leading teams today.

— Provide participants with a toolkit of practical skillsets and mindsets — with an emphasis on immediately applying them.

— Harness the power of peer-learning to drive relevance, accountability and to help participants to build support networks.


Programme structure:

The programme is delivered remotely over 10 weeks to 8 person groups, curated from across different organisations; that could be a group of senior leaders, or of newly promoted managers. The experience combines live group sessions with supporting resources, journalling and in-work challenges to apply new approaches back to teams throughout.

How it works:

• We begin with an individual diagnostic, some light pre-work and a kick off session led by the cohort's coach-facilitator to share and capture individual and collective challenges. From this kick off session we define the topic focus and order for future sessions, with the group led by the same YCN coach-facillitator throughout.

• Groups come together for 6 X 2-hour sessions hosted on Zoom, over the 10 weeks, facilitated by the group’s leader and joined by experts bringing perspective from outside the group on point to the topic of focus. That could be coaches, authors, polar explorers or psychologists. These energising and highly-interactive sessions combine expert input, discussion, reflection around the topic of focus. Sessions close with the setting of individual actions and accountability around them among the group.

• A supporting digital learning pack of original content and curated resources is shared alongside each session. Participants explore the resources (short films, reading, listening and mini-missions to put into practice) at their own pace. There’s an estimated 2-3 hours of work there in between each session.

• Each participant is paired up with another member of the group to act as their ‘buddy’ throughout, scheduling periodic check-ins around missions and other milestones.

• Participants keep a reflection journal throughout, sharing parts with each other at key points. A final journal submission is made end of the programme to mark its completion.

• All participants join our Leading Now alumni community with regular resources shared and further opportunties for networking and continual learning.


The topics of focus

The adaptive nature of the programme, reflecting the challenges of each group captured at the outset, determines the exact flow of modules

Current groups are exploring topics including:

— Facilitating remote collaboration
— Growing resilience in teams
— Owning feedback and difficult conversations
— Coaching mindsets
— Leading with purpose
— Minimum viable change
— Building inclusive teams
— Tools for trust
— Owning the strategic narrative around change


Praise for the programme:

“Unlike any development programme I’ve taken part in before. This felt more like a series of powerful conversations that fundamentally changed how I think about my work and my style as a leader.

"The sessions gave me a set of tools and guidance that I now refer to every day now in my job to help me make decisions and better react to situations. My confidence in my new role as a manager has increased because I am no longer second-guessing myself."

"I found that discussing real-world scenarios with the other participants has equipped me in a way that no amount of reading self-help books would have. At the same time, now reading those books I find them easier to digest because the course gave me a good foundation in ideas and subject that can be challenging to access."

"A great opportunity to test ideas in a safe space, away from the judgement of your peers and amongst people who are also keen to learn."

"I already miss my sessions, it was a really great experience so thank you for putting on such a thorough and thoughtful course." 

“Beautifully personalised, warm and convivial. I feel like I’ve made a brilliant new gang of career champions.”

“I took back practical things I could share and do among my team from day one."

“I had an exit interview with our Senior Account Manager yesterday. She said that she’s noticed a big shift in my leadership and management style since the programme – mainly in terms of confidence and clarity of feedback, which was really good to hear – so thank you for making that happen!”

"Some of these skills are seriously Jedi stuff."


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