A collaborative and experiential development programme for senior leaders keen to continually improve their ability to create the conditions in which creativity can thrive.

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Leading for Creativity is a transformative development programme, providing senior leaders from creatively-driven organisations with a rich and purposeful learning experience. Over a six month period, the mindsets and skillsets for enabling and sustaining creativity in themselves and others are explored, developed and put
into practice.

Led and facilitated throughout by coach, author and mediator Hilary Gallo, participants work and learn among a supportive cohort of like-minded peers. Through a series of full and half day sessions, the group are  joined by an inspiring series of founders, leaders and subject matter experts; each bringing their unique perspective and instruction on how to develop the mindsets and conditions for creativity to thrive in the ever shifting world of work.

You’ll discover and codify the cultures that enable teams to experiment and innovate, learn how to ask the hard questions, and re-frame challenges in ways that will motivate those around you towards answers. You’ll build self-awareness on your own leadership style and behaviours, understand the value of setting a collective purpose, and learn how personal and team resilience is developed and sustained. Practical, peer led learning is fundamental to the programme with the group creating accountability for the application of new approaches in-between sessions.

This programme is for senior, growth-oriented leaders with at least 8 years experience running teams, looking to take their capability for creative leadership to the next level, and growing their network of allies along the way.

A six month learning experience combining:

— Onboarding around individual goals

— 2 X full day sessions as a group

— 4 X half day sessions as a group

— 3 X hosted breakfasts

— Missions and assignments

— Reading lists and digital resources

A collaborative development programme designed for:

— Founders

— Department Heads

— Creative Directors

— Senior Marketers

— Senior Leaders within growth-oriented organisstions

Peer and practitioner led learning

Led and facilitated by Hilary Gallo, each session combines expert instruction, group discussion, practical application, and the commitment to applying new methods and behaviours back at work and among teams. Hosted in conducive spaces within central London, sessions are joined by inspiring guests, each bringing first-hand perspectives, and challenging thinking within a structured workshop setting.

Hilary Gallo

Hilary started his career as a lawyer before becoming Commercial Director at Accenture and Capgemini. Today, as a mediator and executive coach, his focus is on enabling creatively-driven leaders at points of change and growth to purposefully work to their strengths. Hilary’s latest book ‘Fear Hack’, a follow up to the best selling ‘The Power of Soft’, has recently been published.


“I’ve learned as much from hearing other peoples’ challenges deconstructed as I have from discussing my own.”

“Truly motivating learning, and a great new group of allies.”

“I leave each and every session with a notebook full of things to follow through on, and commitments to put into action.”

“Everyone came in with challenges and came out with new perspectives.”

“Hilary artfully directs the conversation — drawing out decisions and making actions towards them stick.”

Joining a programme cohort

Our next cohort will commence in early 2020. Places cost £4800 + VAT.

Key dates: 

2 X Full days — Tuesday 4th Feb, Tuesday 28th July — all 9am—5pm
4 X Half days — Thursday 5th March, Tuesday 19th May, Tuesday 9th June, Thursday 9th July — all 9am — 1pm

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